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2K's Midnight Suns
November 7, 2022

Greetings Commanders,

Just like all of us here at Boundless, we know you can't get enough of the Marvel universe. That's why we're partnering with our friends at 2K for the release of their upcoming new game: Marvel's Midnight Suns! If you want to learn more about the exciting world of Marvel's Midnight Suns, make sure you head to their official website where you can get the lowdown and pick up your copy of the game.

To celebrate this crossover, Marvel Strike Force players will have an opportunity to unlock a slick new costume in both Marvel Strike Force and Marvel's Midnight Suns. The Midnight Suns game will feature the "Iron Man Bleeding Edge" armor, while Marvel Strike Force players can unlock Magik's "Midnight Suns" Costume for free. Here's how to deck out your characters in fresh threads for each of these games.

Magik's Midnight Suns Costume

You can unlock Magik's Midnight Suns Costume in Marvel Strike Force from a special 7-day login calendar. The calendar will run from November 7th (PST) to December 23rd (PST) and also reward enough character shards to unlock a 2-Star Magik for your roster. Don't miss out on powering up Magik and ruling Limbo in style with her Midnight Suns Costume.

Ironman Bleedingedge 2 Jpg

Iron Man Bleeding Edge

To outfit Tony Stark in this top-of-the-line armor in Marvel's Midnight Suns, be on the lookout for a promo code in Marvel Strike Force that will run from December 2nd at 1:00PM (PST) to December 23rd at 12:59PM (PST). You may see different promo codes in various places in Marvel Strike Force and all of those codes will unlock the Bleeding Edge armor, so feel free to use the code of your choice. After redeeming the code within Marvel’s Midnight Suns game, you’ll have access to Iron Man’s Bleeding Edge armor. 

Msf 18928 Magik Costume Hq Screenshot 4k

For more information check out the Marvel's Midnight Suns page:

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