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Introducing: MARVEL Strike Force Web
February 28, 2022

Greetings Commanders,


The next evolution of has begun! This is the beginning of leveling up the website to become not just informational but also an official companion piece to your overall experience with MARVEL Strike Force.

Starting today, you’ll see brand new features that'll bring you more content, rewards, and exclusive offers. You can now log in to the website by linking it to your game account. This will allow you to participate in web-exclusive events via the Events page, which will reward you with in-game resources. On the new Store page, you’ll find web-exclusive offers, which will also offer bonus rewards through Web UPCs (more info below).

We know you want the details so let's dive into MARVEL Strike Force Web and the big launch event…

MARVEL Strike Force Web

How to Log In

To log in to the web, you'll need to connect your in-game account to In the game, go to Settings and select GET CODE. You'll then be shown Temporary Code, which is essentially your one-time password (remember this number) and PID# (Player Identification Number). Open a web browser, go to and tap on the Store Page or Event Page, where you will be prompted to login by entering the Temporary Code and your PID# to sync your account. Once you're logged in and synced, you can now access the Event Page and Store Page (tabs in the top navigation bar).

Event Page

The Event Page is where you'll view your Web Event Milestone progress, in addition to any in-game milestones and events that are not exclusive to the web. When you hit a milestone, tap on it to activate the reward. You can then claim the reward the next time you're in the game via an inbox message.

Store Page

The Web Store is similar to the Offers section of the in-game Supplies Section. Most offers available in-game will be available on the Web Store. You'll also see web-exclusive offers that you won’t see anywhere else. Expect to see more options including Calendar Offers in the near future.

Web UPCs

Another unique aspect to the website will be Web UPCs. All web offers will feature this new resource and each time you acquire a Web UPC, it'll automatically make progress toward the Bang for your Buck Milestone, which will be a permanent milestone with its own unique rewards. The Bang for your Buck Milestone rewards will include gear, Gold, and other resources to help improve your roster.

Celebrate the Web Event

We're popping the cork on the new addition to the website with the Celebrate the Web Event, where you can participate on the web and then claim rewards in-game. This two-week event features a limited-time milestone, special offers, and more. Don't miss the Totally Radd Exclusive Offer, which includes 50 Silver Surfer shards, enough Bits to purchase Silver Surfer's "Totally Radd" Costume, 2,000 Power Cores, over 2 million Gold, and 250 Orange Training Modules – all for a price so low you'll think it's a mistake (it's not).

During the event, battle in Blitz, Raids, and Arena to earn points towards the Celebrate the Web Milestone, which rewards Launch Party Orb Fragments. This web-exclusive orb contains character shards for Ikaris, Sersi, and Spider-Punk, as well as Gold, gear, and more.

Visit the Event Page to view milestone progress, and activate your rewards to be claimed in-game.

More to come…

As previously mentioned, this is just the beginning of the web evolution. In the coming weeks and months you’ll see additional Web features designed to enhance your adventures in the universe of MARVEL Strike Force. At the same time, we’re continuing development on expanding to include new functionality, such as importing your roster and saved squad management, as well as exploring how the two web platforms can work together. We’re super excited for what’s coming in 2022 and thrilled that you are on this journey with us.

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