Version 5.7 Issues & Topics
October 2, 2021

Here are some issues and topics we are tracking in relation to the release of version 5.7.


  • The monthly login calendar wasn’t active on time for players in certain time zones - the calendar has been extended by one day to ensure all players can get all the rewards
  • Occasionally, a slot of Teal Gear would be missing from the Gold Supplies Store
  • Sabretooth’s ultimate ability was attacking enemies with the Stealth buff

Will be addressed with a hotfix, version 5.7.1, coming soon:

  • When Phoenix dies due to an assist or bonus attack, she isn’t summoning Dark Phoenix 
  • In Alliance War, an Anomaly Detected error occurs when trying to move a team into one of the new slots that is using the default defense teams/characters

In Process:

  • On some Android devices, a crash occurs at 14% loading
  • The new Weapon X characters are currently showing through the API (on websites like that they require more pieces of unique Teal Gear than other characters. This is incorrect and the values will be lowered to the similar values as other characters.
  • The Experiment X event started tracking progress 5 minutes late and we’ll be sending compensation to the affected players that spent resources in this timeframe in the near future
  • New players may not have received all daily login calendars (for new players) between the dates of Sept 8th PDT through September 24th. We will be manually activating these calendars in the near future for the players that haven’t received them yet.


  • The leaderboard relative to the Experiment X event is being removed as it is not associated with any rewards
  • The store for Elementary Particles is still active as we intend to deliver some compensation of credits for this store very soon
  • Silver Samurai is temporarily hidden in the roster but is expected to appear next week after some art updates to his character model

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