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Update on the Contagion Corps Event
November 9, 2022

EDITED 11/9/22 1:25PM (PST) Added the exact Milestone number. Also a special note of action needed to see these changes. These are in BOLD.

Edit: Some reports are saying they cannot claim their milestones. A single Blitz seems to resolve this issue.

The intention for the Contagion Corps Event is that players can acquire the Panther Pelt via moderate engagement and investment.

The Viral Vision milestone point values will be adjusted to align with our intended design. The new total milestone points will be lowered to 16,000. As such, in addition to spending Campaign Energy on certain nodes and through the Web Milestone, multiple Free Claims via the Website will be available.

These Claims will be available at 1:00PM (PST) on Wednesday, November 9th, Thursday, November 10th, Saturday, November 12th, and Sunday, November 13th. By collecting all four, players will receive 5,000 Plaguemonger Orb Fragments.

NOTE: In order for players to claim the Viral Vision milestone rewards, they will need to complete at least one Blitz battle to earn points toward the milestone after seeing the new point totals. Players may also need to refresh the page to see the new point totals. Thank you for your patience!

Best of luck for the rest of the event.

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