Tracking Issues with Version 6.2.0
June 17, 2022

We are currently tracking several issues related to the release of version 6.2.0

Issues that have already been corrected:

  • Game was inaccessible for ~90 minutes due to a technical issue
  • The Ace of Raids calendar was not showing the correct graphics for the rewards from Day 2 - 7
  • The login calendar related to the Jubilee Legendary Event ended early. The missing rewards will be sent today.

Issues pending investigation and/or resolution:

  • Several login calendars unintentionally went live for certain players 
  • Costume Shop tab was moved from its previous location
  • The “Download All Assets via Wi-fi” feature is not functioning properly for players that Update an existing client. As a workaround, this will function properly for new installs or players that uninstall an existing client and download a new one.
  • There is a known issue in RTA that can potentially cause performance issues and/or an error message. This is caused when a “soft reset” of the client is initiated, for example, when the “Anomaly Detected” message appears and then tapping on “Reset”. Instead, please initiate a “hard reset” of the game by closing out the app and then restarting.
  • The new Scopely ID feature is asking for players to sign in repeatedly - this is actively being investigated. As a temporary workaround, you can sign out of Scopely ID.
  • The Double Down Web Milestone was not rewarding Kinetic Energy refill and Kinetic Health packs for all players

Will be addressed in the forthcoming version 6.2.1 or subsequent 6.3.0:

  • Missing UI in Blitz
  • Stealth shader for Cap America (Sam) costume makes him appear invisible
  • Android Legacy Orb 3 visual effects will be updated
  • For Portuguese players only, the chat text box is not properly displaying the chat button

We greatly appreciate your patience while we work quickly to address these issues.

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