Store Updates, DPC Issue & More Gold
June 13, 2022

There are three topics to cover today.

First, over the weekend there was an issue in the Elite store where Doom’s 5th red star was incorrectly priced at 3500 Dark Promotion Credits instead of the intended 3000 DPCs. This will be corrected today. For players that may have purchased it for 3500 DPCs, you will receive the difference of 500 DPCs in the near future.

Second, be on the lookout for exciting updates coming later today including the updated Pestilence Orb in Supplies and 6 & 7 Red Stars for Morgan Le Fay in the Elite Store!

Third, there was an update to the Blitz Milestone rewards to include additional Gold, which started with the recent Blitz featuring America Chavez:

  • Blitz Milestone 5 raised from 15.5k to 103k Gold
  • Blitz Milestone 15 raised from 15.5k to 150k gold
  • Blitz Milestone 20 raised from 15.5k to 180k gold

Be sure to log in after 5:00PM PDT today to check out the Store updates!

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