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The Third Original Character for Marvel Strike Force
September 1, 2022

We at Boundless Entertainment, a Scopely Studio, are thrilled to announce our third original character created specifically for Marvel Strike Force. But first, let’s review how we got here.

Our first original character to land was Kestrel, the dimension-jumping lost founder of S.T.R.I.K.E., who finally made her way back home to fight for Nexus Earth. As a character, Kestrel personified Strike Force by exemplifying determination, hard work, and the long-term commitment to our players.

For our second original character, we had the privilege to contribute in a big way to the Deadpool Nerdy 30 anniversary. We put on the hat of a diehard Marvel fan by expanding upon one of the most infamous “will they or won’t they” storylines from the pages of Marvel Comics. We asked the question, “what if Deadpool and Death had a child together?” The answer was naturally, Deathpool! She has the look and attitude of her parents and represents the best kind of creative collaboration with the amazing folks at Marvel Entertainment.

For our third original character, we knew that we had some big shoes to fill. To celebrate Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary, “Beyond Amazing,” we sought to create a character that lived in a familiar space and had a look that is distinctly Marvel but also to push into new areas not yet explored. That led us to the rich world of the Spider-Verse and us adding a new unique addition to that universe.

We are elated to announce that the next original character to Marvel Strike Force is Spider-Weaver!


Ajei Benally was born to a long line of Navajo weavers who passed their techniques and traditions from generation to generation. Brilliant and extroverted, Ajei's family was overjoyed to send her to college in Las Vegas, Nevada. But while she was away, Ajei's grandmother fell mysteriously ill and became too frail to continue weaving the beautiful textiles that paid Ajei's tuition.

Returning home from college, Ajei decided to make it her mission to discover what made her grandmother sick and find a cure. Ajei remembered tales of the Na’ashjeii Asdzáá, a Navajo Spider Deity who protects and guides those in need and set off to find her. Deep in the desert, she found an empty spider web glistening with dewdrops and placed her palm against the web. A great pain shot through her hand, and as she recoiled, she discovered a spider sitting in the middle of the web. Returning home, Ajei was overcome with a fever and, in her sleep, had visions of Na’ashjeii Asdzáá. She told Ajei about the Web of Life and Destiny and that a powerful being was tainting her grandmother’s thread in the hopes of cursing the Na’ashjeii Asdzáá's past and future weavers. But with Ajei's help, the Na’ashjeii Asdzáá could free her grandmother and protect the web.

Ajei awoke, dazed but rested, and while contemplating her dreams, began a weaving project. But without even thinking, Ajei began producing mystical silk, which transformed into a uniform with a powerful spider design. Rushing to her grandmother, Ajei showed her the mystical silk when suddenly she sprouted ethereal spider arms, which she used to cleanse the Web of Life, healing her grandmother and thwarting whoever sought to hurt the weavers.

With her grandmother safe and secure, Ajei decided to track down this being to protect the Na’ashjeii Asdzáá, the Web of Life, and other weavers who might be vulnerable. Donning the spider clothing she wove earlier, Spider-Weaver followed this being’s path back to her other home, the city of sin, Las Vegas.

Be on the lookout for the announcement of Spider-Weaver’s kit coming very soon to the website.

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