Shang-Chi Ability Update
September 8, 2021

There have been questions about Shang-Chi regarding the fact that he is performing Heals in combat, despite there being no reference in the ability text or when he was announced previously. This is actually a bug that manifests when Colleen Wing is an ally and causes piercing damage to mistakenly be counted as negative damage, thus becoming a heal.

While investigating the root of the problem, the team has been observing the performance of the Heroes for Hire team including Shang-Chi. Coincidentally, the performance of the team with the healing bug is actually providing some positive results that puts the team on par with their intention. We believe that a proper healing mechanic for Shang-Chi would be appropriate.

Today @ 5:00pm PDT, we’ll be implementing a fix for the bug and at the same time give Shang-Chi a proper heal mechanic. The special ability text will be updated to include:

“Heal self and all Heroes for Hire allies for 50% of this character's Max Health.”

Additionally, there will be an update to the special ability text regarding how Shang-Chi applies Counter to include all Heroes for Hire allies. This will make the text accurate to how the ability currently functions.

The team will be closely monitoring the change to ensure that it is delivering the desired results. Thank you for your patience while we worked to address this issue.

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