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5.5.0 Release Notes
July 7, 2021

Shhh... The Secret Avengers are ready for battle: Sam Wilson as Captain America, Maria Hill, and Sharon Carter.

Arriving over the course of this release:

• Enhance your Roster with 3 new playable characters: Captain America (Sam), Maria Hill, and Sharon Carter.

• New costumes: Gamora - Requiem, Daredevil - Shadowland, Luke Cage - Power Man, and Captain America - Classic.

• Costumes Update: Upgrade your purchased costumes with new pre-set upgrades, including color palette adjustments (trim, sashes, etc), paraphernalia, and flair. Available upgrades can be viewed on a character's roster screen and are purchasable with Costume Credits.

• Isotope-8 Campaign Update: Additional T1 Iso-8 (Green) rewards added to each node.

• Assemble a top squad with the limited-time Saboteur trait for the Sharon Carter Event Campaign: Conspiracy Theories.

• Armory 14 & 15 Orbs visual update: Slick new look with the same great rewards and drop rates.

• Boost your Gold supply with Gold reward increases to Daily Objectives and Alliance War.


• Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, Jessica Jones, and Mister Fantastic were gaining a flat increase in Focus for their attacks, instead of a percent increase. The combat behavior has been adjusted to match the description, resulting in a percentage increase.

• Nebula's Assist Attack was not triggering Passive abilities for characters who attack when an enemy's Health drops below 50%

• Text fix: Emma Frost's Ultimate ability, "Turn the Tables," was missing a reference to increased Focus gained for the attack. The combat behavior was correct and remains unchanged.

• Text fix: Moondragon's Level 7 Upgrade for her Basic ability, "Psionic Assault," contained a typo. The combat behavior was correct and remains unchanged.

• Text fix: Jubilee's Level 7 Upgrade for her Ultimate ability, "Splitting Atoms," was missing "reduce Speed Bar of Primary Target by +10%." The combat behavior was correct and remains unchanged.

• In the Alliance Management screen, the "Last Active" field appeared as 0 for all Alliance members. The field is now populating correctly.

• On the "purchase energy" pop-up for Raids and Alliance War, the total amount of Energy you currently possess was not displaying.

• The red badge notification was not being removed after opening the chat and after reading inbox messages.

• In Dark Dimension, an enemy Black Bolt killing a player’s character would reset the energy of that character back to 1 for the next battle. We updated how BB works in DD to no longer do this and be more consistent with his functionality.

Updated Characters

The following characters' Power were not correctly calculating stat gains from their Passive abilities. This was just a visual change:

• Doctor Octopus: Max Health, Block Chance, and Damage (in War)

• Domino: Dodge Chance and Crit Damage Percent

• Ebony Maw: Resistance

• Ghost: Speed (in Dark Dimension)


Character with updated traits:

Phyla-Vell: added character trait "Kree"

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