4.3.0 Release Notes
August 19, 2020

Wrap your arms around the Legendary Doctor Octopus, Electro, Swarm, and Baron Zemo!

Arriving over the course of this release:

• Enhance your squad with 4 new playable characters: Doctor Octopus, Electro, Swarm, and Baron Zemo.

• VS Battle Update - New Matchmaking: Get automatically paired with other Commanders for Classic and Balanced Draft battles. Look for VS Battle events on the Event Page to get paired up and flex your roster!

• New Campaign: Doom War Chapter 1: Fight your way through corrupted dimensions and help S.T.R.I.K.E. reach home to free it from the clutches of Doom.

• Crafting UI improvement: Messaging now states when gear materials are needed on another branch, along with the total number needed to craft a piece of gear. Finally!

• Assemble your X-Force team for the Doctor Octopus Legendary Event, “Surgical S.T.R.I.K.E.”

• Squad Select Filter: You can now filter by trait on the Squad Select screen.

• Daily Objective Update: Wolverine character shards will be replaced with a new reward once you’ve promoted Wolverine to 7 Stars.

• Campaign Information Visual Update: View enemies, trait requirements, and reward details for locked Campaign nodes.

• Assemble a top squad with the limited-time Rogue Agent trait for the Swarm Event Campaign, “One of Many.”

• “Legendary” trait added to all Legendary characters.

• The item counts in the Store have been updated to cap at 999. Tapping on an item will still display the total amount.

• Reduced the load time when entering the Saved Squads screen.

•New Advanced Option: Reduced Combat Text - You can now reduce the floating combat text in combat to see only the most important information as you watch your team fight for victory. To activate, go to the Advanced Options in the Settings menu.


• Patched up: Characters no longer occasionally lose Health after matches during Raids and War.

• Fixed numerous issues related to incorrect health bar percentages when characters had their Max Health fluctuate during combat.

• Text Clarification: Yo-Yo’s Passive ability, “Swift Protector,” updated to include that she has a chance to gain Evade. The combat behavior is correct and remains unchanged.

• Text Clarification: Mercenary Lieutenant’s Passive ability, “Squad Coherency,” updated to include himself as one of the most injured Mercenary allies. The combat behavior is correct and remains unchanged.

• Text Clarification: Corrected a grammar mistake in Domino’s Passive ability, “Lady Luck.” The combat behavior is correct and remains unchanged.

• Fixed: Items available in the Ultra Store were incorrectly labeled and linked to the Supplies Store in the item Finder screen.

• Characters that can’t currently use a specific gear piece will no longer be listed under “Needed By.”

• Corrected an issue where players were sometimes visually returned to the first Raid node after completing subsequent nodes.

• Beast and Hela now perform the correct animations during Assists and Counters.

• Corrected a display issue where synergies were not displaying as activated on the Squad Select screen when Wolverine was added to an X-Men team.

• Game issues no longer occur when Ultron is eliminated by Bleed and Black Bolt is present on the enemy team.

• Visual Update: Fixed the spacing between abilities on the character information screen for minion characters.

Character Updates

Dev Note: With the addition of Doctor Octopus and Baron Zemo, we updated the following characters’ abilities to balance and align them with their teams.


Special - Master of Illusion

  • New: In War, apply Ability Block for 2 Turns and gain +100,000 Extra Focus for this ability.

Passive - Grand Masquerade

Now one of the Mirror Images summoned on Death has this Special Ability:

  • New: If Mysterio is an ally and dead, Revive him with 100% base Health. Attack self for 10,000% damage.

Hydra Grenadier

Basic - Flak Grenade

  • Increased Damage

Special - Corrosive Grenade

  • Increased Damage

Passive - Hydra Arsenal

  • Updated: Gain +40% Focus. HYDRA allies gain +40% Focus.

  • New: If Zemo is an ally, gain +20% Damage.

Winter Soldier

Base Stats:

  • +10% Health 

  • +10% Speed 

Special - Relentless Assassin

  • Updated: Attack primary target for 210% damage + apply Bleed. Bonus attack 2 times for 150% damage + 75% chance to apply Bleed.

Passive - Expert Assassin

  • Updated:

    • Gain +15% Crit chance.

    • If Zemo is an ally, gain +20% Max Health.

    • Gain an additional +10% Crit chance for self and all HYDRA allies.


Base Stats:

  • +10% Health

  • +5% Damage

  • +3% Armor

Special - Wrath

  • Updated: Heal self for 20% of Max Health.

  • New: If Zemo is an ally, Heal self for 30% of Max Health instead.

Ultimate - Detonate

  • Updated:If Zemo is an ally, Gain Defense Up.

Passive - Vengeance

  • Updated:

    • On Spawn, if Zemo is an ally, generate Ability Energy for self.

    • Gain +20% Max Health. If Zemo is an ally, gain an additional +20% Max Health.

    • Gain +5% Armor. HYDRA allies gain +5% Armor.

Red Skull

Ultimate - Storm Assault

  • Updated: Now unavoidable and unblockable

Dev Note: The following characters were not scaling as well as we had hoped, so we made some minor adjustments to their stats at max level to help them out.


Base Stats

  • +10% Damage


Base Stats:

  • +5% Focus


Base Stats:

  • +5% Focus

Wave 1 Avengers Character Updates

Dev Note: Has it been over 2 years already? The Avengers were a powerhouse when Marvel Strike Force released back in 2018, but over time they've lost some of their luster. We want to take this opportunity to tune them to be more in-line with our modern characters. A lot of the Avengers are already situated on powerful teams that we did not want to break up, but we're excited to see what players make of these changes. You'll notice various stat boosts to characters as well as ability modifications!

Captain America

Dev Note: Captain America had his Basic chain updated to standard conventions, always chaining to at least one target at max level. Cap has had a timing issue with his Ultimate, so to address that we reduced the energy cost and gave him Speed Bar to get to his next turn faster. Finally, to cement Cap as the de-facto leader of the Wave 1 Avengers, we significantly increased Cap’s Block chance, gave him a Health increase for his Avenger allies, and he now heals for a small amount when an ally Avenger falls in battle.

Basic - Shield Bash

  • Updated:

    • Attack primary target for 220% damage. Chain to 1-2 adjacent targets for 170% damage. Gain Defense Up for 1 turn.

Ultimate - Shield Throw

  • New Energy Cost: 3/3

  • Updated: Attack primary target for 300% damage + clear 2 positive effects. Chain to 2-3 additional targets for 230% damage + clear 2 positive effects.

  • New: If this character has 1 or more WAVE I - AVENGER allies, gain +60% Speed Bar.

Passive - Assemble!

  • Updated:

    • +25% Block chance. +20% Block Amount. +20% Block chance per AVENGER ally.

  • New:

    • On death of an ally WAVE I - AVENGER, Heal all allies for 10% of this character's Max Health.

    • Gain +20% Max Health. WAVE I - AVENGER allies gain +20% Max Health.

    • In WAR, gain +20% Max Health. WAVE I - AVENGER allies gain +20% Max Health.

Black Widow

Dev Note: We thought it was a missed opportunity that Black Widow and Hawkeye didn't help each other more in battle, so we've made multiple changes to create a better pairing between the two characters. First, they'll gain Assist Now on each other's turns. Black Widow will always chain to 3 additional targets if Hawkeye is her ally, she'll grant him a stack of Deathproof when she enters Stealth.

Base Stats:

  • Health increased by ~10%

  • Damage increased by ~5%

  • Focus increased by ~18%

  • Resistance increased by ~5%


  • Black Widow now clears a positive effect on her target when she Assists and Counterattacks.

Ultimate - Widow’s Bite

  • New: If Hawkeye is an ally, always chain to 3 targets.

Passive - Saboteur

  • Updated:

    • Gain +15% Speed. This is applied after any character has taken an action. On Stealth, gain Offense Up + apply Deathproof to an allied Hawkeye.

  • New:

    • Gain Assist Now on an allied Hawkeye's turn.


Dev Note: Hawkeye saw a number of improvements to his kit. We amped up his Basic attack, granting some more Crit damage to make the extra Crit chance feel better. We fixed the oddity with his Special ability so now all the effects apply to his primary and adjacent targets. His Ultimate always felt like it was missing something, so it now starts with one more energy and will apply Slow in addition to its original effects. Finally, we increased the chance for his Passive to proc to 100% at the max ability level.

Base Stats:

  • Health increased by ~15%

  • Focus increased by ~25%

  • Speed increased from 116 to 131

Basic - Deadeye

  • Updated: Attack primary target for 250% damage. Gain +20% Crit chance, +30% Crit Damage, and deal +20% Piercing with this attack.

Special - Concussion Arrow

  • Updated:

    • Attack primary and adjacent targets for 150% damage + reduce Speed Bar by 20% + clear all positive effects.

    • This attack is Unavoidable.

Ultimate - Airburst

  • New Energy Cost: ⅗

  • Updated: Attack all enemies for 190% damage. Apply Blind to primary target + 50% chance to apply Blind to all remaining targets.

Passive - Shot in the Dark

  • Updated: On turn, attack the most injured enemy with Stealth for 200% damage + clear Stealth. This attack is unavoidable.

  • New: Gain Assist Now on an allied Black Widow's turn.


Dev Note: The goal for Hulk continues to be the same: when he hits, it hurts. In order to facilitate him hitting, we gave him more counter on his Special ability. Furthermore, he'll now gain Speed Bar when an enemy attacks his Wave 1 Avenger allies. Finally, we gave Hulk a bit of Resistance while Taunting, as it's always been a little too easy to shut down the big guy.

Special - Rage

  • Updated:

    • Gain Taunt. If any ally is a WAVE I - AVENGER, gain 3 Counter. Clear all negative effects from self.

    • If this character's Health is below 50%, Heal self for 7,000 Health + 20% of Max Health.

Passive - Always Angry

  • New:

    • When an enemy attacks a WAVE I - AVENGER, Fill Speed Bar by 15%

    • While Taunting, gain +250% Extra Resistance.


Dev Note: Both Iron Man and Thor received the fewest number of changes, as they previously went through some with their Asgardian and Power Armor teams. Iron Man will now gain his damage bonus with his Avenger allies, as will Thor. Thor heals on turn and his Charge mechanic also considers Avengers now.

Base Stats:

  • Health increased by ~10%

Special - Rocket Barrage

  • Updated:

    • Attack all enemies for 210% damage. If Captain America is your ally, attack all enemies for 300% damage instead.

    • This attack is unavoidable.

Passive - Stark Upgrades

  • Updated:

    • Gain +15% Extra Crit chance. Apply +15% Extra Crit chance to TECH allies. Apply +10% Extra Crit chance to all allies. Gain +5% Damage for each POWER ARMOR or WAVE I - AVENGER ally. 


Passive - God of Thunder

  • Updated:

    • Gain +15% damage. Gain +10% damage for each ASGARDIAN or WAVE I - AVENGER ally.

    • On Turn, heal self for 5% of Max Health + 5% of Max Health per non-minion ASGARDIAN or WAVE I - AVENGER ally.

    • When an enemy attacks an ASGARDIAN or WAVE I - AVENGER ally:

      • > Fill Speed Bar by 5%

      • > Gain +1 Charged, up to a maximum of 5.

    • On maximum Charged:

      • > Generate +1 Ability Energy for self

      • > Attack all enemies for 260% damage.

      • > Remove all Charged. 

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