4.2.0 Release Notes
July 14, 2020

Fan favorites Squirrel Girl, Beast, and Emma Frost enter the fray!

Arriving over the course of this release:

• Enhance your squads with 3 new playable characters: Squirrel Girl, Emma Frost, and Beast.

• Ultra Store: New home of the Ultimus Orb, along with new Orange Origin Gear Orbs and Purple Gear in Supplies.

• New Advanced Option: Item Store Count - You can now see the number of items in your inventory beneath the item in the store. To activate, go to the Advanced Options in the Settings menu.

• Milestone Selection Screen Visual Update: Updated UI & start and end timers make it easier to differentiate between live milestones and previews.

• Assemble a top squad with the limited-time Friendship trait for the Squirrel Girl Event Campaign, Unbeatable Education.


• Gene Modification: Ability icons for minions cloned by Mister Sinister in Alliance War no longer display incorrectly.

• Sound effects were activating during Campaign missions, Raids, and events even though the sound was toggled off. We muted this bug.

• Sound effects for the “Apply” button on the roster menu were sometimes not working. This has been fixed.

• War Machine now properly gains his intended Crit Damage Bonus if more than one Iron Man ally is present in a battle.

• Fixed: When Magneto is an ally, Mystique’s Level 7 Special ability (Infiltrate) was incorrectly attacking all enemies instead of just 3 additional enemies.

• The “Last Active” stat on the Alliance Members screen now displays properly.

• Red alert: The red chat update badge was appearing over top of milestone pop-up messages. This no longer occurs.

• Players are no longer jettisoned into the depths of the Dark Dimension III menu after returning from the Leaderboard or Map screen.

• Corrected a visual issue where gear was sometimes not leading you to the missing piece of gear if that piece was also required elsewhere in the crafting tree. You will now be led to the correct piece of gear. Further improvements to the UX of this feature will be included in a future release.

• The Equip button was sometimes not appearing when equipping gear. Now it does.

• Anomaly Corrected: Quickly tapping the “Join” button in a Raid no longer causes an anomaly detected error.

• Fixed an issue causing offers to appear multiple times on the Item Finder screen.

• Hela now properly spawns the Undead Asgardian after he’s been eliminated with Hawkeye’s Passive ability (Shot in the Dark).

• Fixed: The sound volume was increasing when entering the Supplies Store.

Updated Characters

America Chavez


• Gained “Young Avenger” trait

Passive - America’s Starling

• Updated: Young Avenger and Hero Brawler allies gain +20% Max Health

Spider-Man (Miles)


• Gained “Young Avenger” trait

Basic - Quick Strike

• Updated: If Squirrel Girl is an ally or if the target has Defense Down, clear 3 positive effects.

Ultimate - Web Blast


• Gain +100,000 Extra Focus for this attack.

• This attack cannot be Blocked

Ms. Marvel


• Gained “Young Avenger” trait

Passive - Fangirl


• Gain Assist Now on each Young Avenger or Hero Brawler ally's Turn. On Turn, grant Assist Now to a random Young Avenger or Hero Brawler ally.

• When a Hero ally drops below 50% Health, gain Taunt. If that ally is a Young Avenger or Brawler, gain 2 Deflect


Basic - Shocking Blow

• Updated: If Beast is an ally, gain +2 Charged, otherwise gain +1 Charged

Special - Ice Storm

• Updated: If Beast is an ally, there's a 50% chance not to lose Charged


Basic - Optic Blast

• Updated: If this character has 1 or more X-Men allies, always apply Defense Down


Special- Slice and Dice


• If this character has 1 or more X-Men allies, all secondary attacks have 100% chance to Crit

• If this character has 1 or more X-Men allies, this attack cannot be counterattacked


Passive - Phoenix Rising


• On ally Taunt, gain Taunt. If Beast is an ally, gain Taunt for 2 turns instead


Passive - Feral Healing

• Updated: Gain 5% damage per BROTHERHOOD or MUTANT ally

Mister Sinister

Passive - Mutant Geneticist


• On Spawn, generate 3 Ability Energy for this character if non-Cloned

• On turn, Heal 15% of Max Health + 5% of Max Health per MARAUDERS or Emma Frost ally. Apply Regeneration to the 2 most injured MUTANT allies. If Stryfe is an ally, apply Regeneration to him as well

• On Emma Frost or MARAUDERS ally's turn, if this character's Health is greater than 50%, redistribute 10% Health from this character to that ally

• Gain +50% Focus. MARAUDERS allies gain +50% Focus. Gain +20% Max Health. Emma Frost and MARAUDERS allies gain +20% Max Health

• On WAR DEFENSE, Emma Frost and MARAUDERS allies gain an additional +30% Max Health


Special - Superiority

• Increased the Barrier strength across all levels by 5%

Passive - Grandeur


• On Spawn, fill Speed Bar by 10% + 10% per MUTANT VILLAIN ally

• On turn, if Taunting, gain +1 Deflect up to a maximum of 3 + gain Barrier for 20% of this character's Max Health.

• When a MUTANT VILLAIN ally drops below 50% Max Health, gain +1 Taunt, up to a maximum of 3 + gain Barrier for 20% of this character's Max Health

• On Regeneration, gain Barrier for 10% of this character's Max Health


• Gain +50% Resistance. MUTANT allies gain +50% Resistance

• Gain +50% Focus. VILLAIN allies gain +50% Focus


Passive - Amphibian Anatomy

Updated In WAR:

• Gain +100% Focus

• Brotherhood allies gain +100% Focus

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