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June 9, 2020

Beat the odds by dropping an Alliance War offensive bomb with X-Force!

Arriving over the course of this release:

• Enhance your squad with 3 new playable characters: Domino, X-23, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

• VS Battle Update - New Balanced Draft mode: All characters at or above gear tier 9 will have their power modified to set levels to even the playing field.

• New Advanced Option: Quick Alliance Access - Bypass the Alliance load screen and easily manage Alliance members. To activate, go to the Advanced Options in the Settings menu.

• Ability enhancements for Deadpool and Cable.

• Players level 65 and over can now use Alliance Credits to purchase items in the War Store (located at the bottom of the Supplies section).

• Health Bar visual update - To accommodate Health scaling systems, like Red Stars, the amount of Health needed to gain an additional health bar segment has been increased.

• Offers Visual Update - Tap the offer description to view more details

• Assemble a top squad with the limited-time Lucky trait for Serendipity, Domino’s Event Campaign.


• Fixed multiple instances of Black Bolt sometimes causing issues during battle.

• Ronan's summoned minions now correctly benefit from Red Stars and Stark Tech.

• Text Clarification: The description for Psylocke's Passive Ability, Reinvigorate, has been updated to match her combat behavior -- clarifying that she can give herself Evade and Counter and not just X-Men allies.

• Hail bug fix: The chain attack for Red Skull’s Basic Ability, Hydra 99 Pistol, now properly stopped by Counter.

• Hail 2nd bug fix: The chain attack for Red Skull Basic Ability, Hydra 99 Pistol, will no longer incorrectly chain to enemies with Stealth.

• Big Fix: Selecting “Find” for a desired gear piece now correctly places you on the gear piece’s location in the Store.

• Ironheart's Ultimate ability, Heart Breaker, was applying a flat amount of Focus in War, rather than the intended percentage increase. This has been fixed.

• Thanos's Empowered Passive Ability, Ultimate Power, now correctly triggers when Thanos and each Black Order ally drop below 50% Health. Previously this ability was only triggering once per match - it now correctly triggers once on each Black Order ally and Thanos per battle.

• Alleviated a delay some devices experienced when tapping “Find” for a character.

• The two most recent messages will now correctly remain on the Chat bar while changing screens.

• Visual Fix: Taskmaster’s sword and shield looked a little weird. They look fantastic now.

Updated Characters


Base Stats:

• +10% Health

• +5% Speed

Basic - Plasma Rifle

• New: If not Charged, fill Speed Bar by 80%.

Special - Overload

• Now: Attack primary target for 340% damage.

• Now: Attack adjacent targets for 190% damage.

If Charged:

• Now: Clear all positive effects from primary target.

• Now: Clear 2 positive effects from secondary targets.

• New: Attack targets 2 spaces from primary for 190% damage

Passive - Time Sense

• New: On Charged, Barrier self for 20% of this character's Max Health.

• Now: On Turn, if Charged, Barrier self for 10% of this character's Max Health.

• New On WAR OFFENSE, On Spawn: Gain Charged; Fill Speed Bar for self and all X-FORCE allies by an additional 5% + 5% per X-FORCE ally


Base Stat increases:

• 10% Health

Special - Bounty Hunter

• New: If X-23 is an ally, this attack ignores Stealth.

Ultimate - Hack n’ Slash

• New: If Domino is an ally, this attack cannot be counterattacked.

Passive - Merc with a Mouth

• New: On Kill, generate Ability Energy for an ally Cable.

• Now if Domino is an ally, 100% chance to Revive at 80% of Max Health.

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