Asgard ushers in the arrival of Black Bolt and the Inhumans!
December 3, 2019

Arriving over the course of this release

  • Enhance your squad with 4 new playable characters: Heimdall, Sif, Black Bolt, and Yo-Yo.
  • Poor Connectivity Indicator: Icon displays warning of possible poor connection.
  • Bonus Events UI Update: Indicators now mark Campaigns and Campaign nodes with increased character shard rewards during Bonus Events.
  • War Boost Change: Defense Boosts can now be applied to any team in all rooms in your Helicarrier during a War.
  • Equip All Button: Equip all gear at once, per Tier, if you have the proper amount of gear and Gold available.
  • Store tab UI updated for easier identification and use.

New Advanced Options 

  • Raid Key Generation Time: You can now change your time for generating keys to +8:00 UTC.
  • Multiple Orb Open: Allows you to open up to 10 orbs at once for orbs in the Main Store.

Bug Fixes

  • Summoned minions from a Cloned Red Skull now have correct ability icons.
  • Human Torch's animation was missing when he attacked an ally. Fixed!
  • Ultron no longer sometimes loses a health point at the end of a Raid battle.
  • Fixed missing text in Invisible Woman's Bending Light Level 7 description.
  • Ghost Rider's Passive, Spirit of Vengeance, now correctly attacks his attacker when eliminated by a bonus attack.

Updated Characters


Basic - Overwhelming Assault

  • Increased the damage.
  • Now has a 30% chance to apply Defense Down, and Mind Control 1 enemy to attack the primary target.

Special - Energy Beam

  • Increased damage and added Piercing.
  • Transfer all positive effects, excluding Stealth and Taunt, from each target to Self. 
  • Apply Regeneration to self and adjacent allies.

Ultimate - Domination

  •  Energy Cost now 5/5.

Ultimate - Kree Eternal

  • On enemy Taunt, change Speed Bar by +30%.
  • On Kill, change Speed bar by +15% for all non-Kree allies + 20% for all Kree allies.
  • Gain 20% Block chance + 10% Block chance per non-Minion Kree ally.  Non-Minion Kree allies gain 20% Block chance.
  • Gain 20% Max Health. Non-Minion Kree allies gain 20% Max Health.


Special - Target Lock

  • NEW:  This attack gains +750% Extra Focus for this attack.

Kree Cyborg

Passive - Integrated Systems

  • NEW:  On Turn, copy all positive effects from an ally Ultimus to this character.

Undead Asgardian

Update: On Death, change Speed Bar of all enemies by 10% (rolls back turn meter by -10%).

Thor & Loki

Please see last week's blog for the Thor and Loki update details.