Release Notes 3.5
September 18, 2019

Bolster your S.H.I.E.L.D. team with Agent Coulson and fortify your revamped A.I.M. team with Graviton!

Alliance War Features:

  • Coming in the near future: Alliance War Leagues - Alliances will now earn trophies with each War victory to determine their War League and earn rewards. Alliance icons now display your current War League, so everyone will know the might of your Alliance!

Other Features

  • Enhance your squad with 3 new playable characters: Graviton, Coulson, and Invisible Woman
  • Ability updates for Wolverine, Scientist Supreme, and all A.I.M. Minions
  • Improved Blitz featuring more enemy variety and tiers starting with 2.0x multiplier
  • Max Commander Level increased to 75
  • New Gear Tier 14
  • Unlock 5 more Saved Squads slots at level 71
  • Low-performance option added to Settings
  • Red Stars now unlock at level 42


  • Mended Merc with a Mouth: Gear Tier 12 formula adjusted to allow completion and prevent similar issues like this in the future.
  • Rocket Raccoon's Expert Tinker ability was not correctly applying a random positive effect to allies and was, instead, just applying Offense Up. We have updated this ability description to match this ability: "On Turn, 40% chance to apply Offense Up to 2 allies."
  • Fixed: Vision's Heavy Hitter ability was not applying Bleed to chained Tech enemies.
  • Iron Fist's Son of K'un-Lun ability was incorrectly gaining Damage per Defender character on the battlefield, not per ally Defender. We slugged this bug.
  • Brotherhood of fixes: Mystique's Subterfuge ability now correctly prolongs Magneto's positive effects in addition to her own.
  • Hand Archer's Arrow Storm ability description corrected to include that he gains extra Focus for the attack.
  • Winter Soldier's Mechanical Arm ability is unblockable, but the description didn't state this. Now it does!

Character Changes


Slice and Dice

Update: Does increased damage on the first attack if Phoenix is an ally. If Cyclops is an ally, all secondary attacks will have 100% Crit Chance. This attack cannot be countered if Psylocke is an ally.

Scientist Supreme

Serum Pistol:

Updated: Increased damage of Basic.

Field Trials


Apply 2 Regeneration to Self and all A.I.M. allies.

Extend all positive effects on A.I.M. allies by 1 to a max of 3.

Retro Vaccination


New: Apply 2 random negative effects to non-A.I.M. allies and all enemies.

Old: Apply 2-3 random negative effects to all allies and enemies.


Gain 50% Focus for each A.I.M. ally for this attack.

Mad Science:

Added: On Spawn, gain 10% Speed Bar + 10% Speed Bar per A.I.M. ally.

Added: On Turn, grant 1-2 Ability Energy to any A.I.M. ally with a negative effect.

A.I.M. Infector


Added: Change Speed Bar by +75%.

Added: Apply 2 Counter to Self and all adjacent A.I.M. allies.

Removed: Gain random negative effects.


Added: On Turn, gain 2 random negative effects for 2 turns.

Added: On Turn;

If Offense Down, gain Offense Up for 2 turns.

If Defense Down, gain Defense Up for 2 turns.

If Slow, gain Speed Up for 2 turns.

A.I.M. Monstrosity

Sudden Evolution:

Changed: Gain Offense Up + Apply Offense Up to adjacent A.I.M. allies for 3 turns.

Added: Attack Primary Target for 300% damage.

Added: This attack cannot miss:

Removed: Gain Defense Down and Heal.

Growth Spurt:

Added: On Spawn, gain Defense Down.

Updated: Always Heal by 20% of Max Health.

A.I.M. Assaulter

Submachine Gun

Added: Apply 2 Bleed.


Added: Attack primary target for 250%.

Added: If this character has a negative effect, bonus attack the primary target for 125% per negative effect on the target.

Removed: Gain Heal Block for 2 turns.


Added: On Turn, change Speed Bar by +20% for self and adjacent A.I.M. allies.

A.I.M. Security


If Ability Block, deal 200% more damage to primary target.

Charge Capacitor:

Added: Remove Speed Up.

Updated: Heal Self and adjacent A.I.M. allies for 10,000 and 10% of this character's Max Health.


Added: When attacked, if above 75% Health, and Scientist Supreme is an ally, transfer 1 negative effect from self and every A.I.M. ally to the attacker.

AIM Researcher:

Surgery Drone:

Updated: Heal lowest Health ally and their adjacent allies for 7000 + 15% of this character's Max Health and flip Bleed on the lowest Health ally and adjacent allies.

Removed: Apply Offense Down

Added: When a negative effect is applied to an A.I.M. ally, fill this character's Speed Bar by +20%

Added: On Turn, apply 1 random positive effect from this list. Offense Up, Defense Up, Speed Up, Regeneration, Deathproof, Deflect.

If that ally is AIM, then apply 2 random positive effects instead.

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