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November 15, 2019
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May 23, 2019

The Blackbird has landed with the new apex Arena team: The X-Men!

Alliance War Features:

  • Wartime Rosters - View characters available for War attacks
  • Alliance leaders can now move squads around Helicarrier rooms

Other Features:

  • 3 new playable characters: Psylocke, Colossus, and America Chavez!
  • New Legendary character coming soon: Phoenix
  • Elite Store Tab - Duplicate Elite Red Stars now progress toward higher-tier Elite Orbs. Specific Red Stars can be acquired via the Supplies tab.
  • Improved Alliance leader selection for auto-generated Alliances.
  • Added new Alliance messaging to celebrate various player achievements.
  • Challenges now sort to show unfinished first.
  • Summoned characters now shown on the Character Details screen.


  • Helicarrier guns now obey the laws of physics and no longer float on the War home screen.
  • War Helicarrier room scrolling wasn't working sometimes. Now it works all the time!
  • War Helicarrier room bonuses are now correctly shown on the Saved Squads screen.
  • Very important fix: War Score values on the home screen are now italicized.
  • The Dark Dimension timer will now only start once you've begun a Dark Dimension battle.
  • Fixed: War timezone was incorrectly showing "No War Schedule" after entering the Alliance War main screen.
  • War Defense button no longer overlaps Flight Deck 1.
  • "Find Me" button is back on the War Leaderboard.
  • Bonus points now correctly show on the War Results screen.
  • System update notifications were displaying commander names twice. It's back to only once.
  • "Go" button in the Raid Credits finder now navigates to the Raid Store.
  • War Energy Refills now correctly show the resource cap.
  • Fixed: Victory and Defeat screens were sometimes not displaying after a War ended.
  • Lost but now found: The "Find" button was not displaying for War resources in the Blitz Store.
  • Restored the visual indicator when moving a Helicarrier room.
  • Bug licked: Venom's tongue no longer floats in mid-air after eliminating Venom.

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