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April 25, 2019

Unlock Wakanda's true potential in the Shuri Legendary Event and upgrade your War offense with Falcon!

New Characters

Take your squad to new heights with two new playable characters: Falcon and a mystery Support!


Falcon is a powerful Blaster that gains big advantages in War and specializes in bonus attacks. Carve your way through enemy Helicarriers and take down enemy tank protectors with Falcon's arsenal of attacks that feed off of enemy positive effects.

Here’s a quick look at Falcon’s abilities (all abilities shown are at max level).

Dual SMGs - Basic

  • Attack the primary target for 230% damage. If the primary target has any positive effects, Bonus Attack for 120% damage.
  • In War, if the target has any positive effects, Bonus Attack again for 120% damage.
  • Change Speed Bar for self and all allies by 30% +10% for each enemy with a positive effect.

Strafing Run

  • Attack all enemies for 190% damage +50% Piercing. For each positive effect on an enemy, Bonus Attack that enemy for 80% damage +50% Piercing.

Exo-7 Wingsuit - Passive

  • Gain +25% Block Chance.
  • Gain +5% Block Chance per POWER ARMOR ally.
  • Gain +10% Max Health.
  • Gain +10% Block Amount

Falcon Event Campaign

Be Falcon's wingman in the upcoming Falcon Event Campaign! This high-flying adventure requires your finest Tech team, so level up your Tech trait characters to tackle this chance to recruit Falcon. The fun takes flight on April 29th!

Character Updates


Hulk received an update to his Basic, Special, and Passive abilities. Here's a rundown of the Hulk changes:

Smash – Basic

  • No longer grants Offense Up if used below 50% Health.
  • Damage now multiplied by 1.5 if used below 50% Health.

Rage – Special

  • Heal (when used below 50% Health) has been increased from 10 -> 15% of Hulk’s Max Health.
  • When using this ability, Hulk gains 1 Counter if a WAVE I - AVENGER ally is present. (More on the WAVE I - AVENGER Trait below) 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the negative effect clear to only function if Hulk was below 50% Health.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hulk’s negative effect clear to execute after his heal. Hulk will now clear negative effects before Healing, allowing him to bypass effects like Heal Block.

Leap – Ultimate

  • No changes have been added to Leap.

Always Angry - Passive

  • No longer grants SpeedUp at 50% Health.
  • When Hulk drops below 50% Health, he gains Speed Bar (up to 100% at max level), Offense Up, and clears Stun.
  • When Hulk drops below 25% Health, he gains Deathproof and clears all negative effects.
  • Hulk’s passives will now execute while he is Stunned.
  • While Hulk is below 50% Health, he gains +33% Armor.


  • Hulk now has 10% more Health
  • Hulk now has 33% more Speed

War Machine

Integrating Targeting - Passive

  • Gains +10% damage in War at level 1
  • Gains +20% damage in War at level 3
  • Gains +30% damage in War at level 5

New Traits
Power Armor Trait

Arriving with Falcon is the new Power Armor team. This team specializes in War offense and can bring the fight any team in a Helicarrier. Falcon joins Iron Man and War Machine as the first characters to possess the Power Armor Trait.

Wave 1 Avenger Trait

Also arriving in this release is the Avenger - Wave I trait. This trait is being added to Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Hulk.

Shuri Legendary Event

Web together your Spider-Verse team for the Shuri Legendary Event!

Ultimus has been experimenting with the Carnage Symbiote and is using it to super-charge his legion of corrupted super soldiers to try to destroy Wakanda. Join Spider-Man and the rest of the Spider-Verse team as they team up with Shuri and Black Panther to take out the facility producing these super soldiers. Level up your web-slingers, symbiotes, and Goblin and help defend Wakanda from this attack!

The Shuri Legendary event begins on April 25 and will require five 5-Star Spider-Verse characters to unlock Shuri.

Alliance War Features:

  • Squad order can now be adjusted in Set Defense
  • Updated MVP calculations for more accurate MVP picks

Other Features:

  • Added Rank Leaderboards and Contribution Leaderboards to Alliance Milestone events
  • Improved badging on the Home and Roster screens
  • Dark Dimension timed leaderboards can now be viewed by all players
  • Updated the Character Stats Button to actually look like a button 
  • Adaptive Android Icons for Android 7 devices

Bug Fixes:

  • "Anomaly Detected" no longer occurs after switching Alliances during a War.
  • Fixed: Red Stars were sometimes displaying incorrectly in defending Helicarrier slots.
  • The "Edit" button no longer appears in War defense slots that are already claimed.
  • Bragging rights restored: The War MVP sometimes didn't display. Now it always displays!
  • The Raid and War results windows were overlapping after opening the game. We put a stop to that nonsense.
  • Fixed: Offers were disappearing from the offers list after being tapped.
  • It's time: War Timer now appears after switching to a War-eligible Alliance from a non-eligible Alliance.
  • We put the kaibosh on character avatars disappearing when scrolling through the War battle history.
  • Fixed: Bogus points were displaying for defeated teams in War battle history.
  • Grey X-marks now correctly display for all defeated characters in the War battle history.
  • Fear not: New Fear the Darkness profile frames will now appear in the War participation menu.
  • Fixed the fancy War Defense Boost visual

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