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Real-Time Arena Improvements
December 11, 2020

Greetings, all! The dev team has been reading your feedback regarding the new Real-Time Arena feature and discussing improvements we want to make. We’d also like to offer some additional context into the design intention of certain aspects of the feature.

First, the intent of the objectives wasn’t that you must complete them all in order to claim every reward. There are more objectives included than you need, to give players some flexibility in how they want to earn the rewards. However, we do agree with feedback that including Legendary characters as an objective disproportionately puts newer players at a disadvantage. In future seasons, we will remove individual Legendary characters from the objectives.

We’ve also heard your feedback regarding the imbalances around power levels of teams paired for battles. We have seen this as well, and we’re currently working on improving matchmaking to ensure pairings are more equitable. We released an update this morning to help with this, and are continuing to work on updates to it that we are targeting to deploy in the near future. Even after we make these changes, we’ll continue to monitor matchmaking to see if further tweaks are needed.

The last piece of feedback we want to address today surrounds players quitting matches before they are completed. In this example: if Player #1 is battling Player #2 and #2 quits the match, Player #1 still gets credit for the Objectives they already fulfilled but wouldn’t get credit for any additional objectives like knock-outs (assuming Player #2 stayed and allowed Player #1 to finish the battle). In a future update we will change this to: if one player quits an active RTA battle, the AI will then take over for that player and thus allow the other player to continue playing the match.

We want to thank everyone that has provided feedback on Real-Time Arena and we’ll continue to take it into consideration in making future changes.

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