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October 19, 2022

How is it October already? Well, let’s get into it: twice per year, Boundless Entertainment, a Scopely Studio, the development team behind Marvel Strike Force gets the opportunity to share some of the exciting content and features we are working on that you’ll see in the coming months. Please note that everything you read here is subject to change prior to release.

The Apocalypse Saga Continues…

This has been an exciting year for the team, flexing our creativity and building new technology for the Scourge Events and Sagas. Being a bit more than halfway through this epic, the team is currently heads-down designing what remains to be seen of the Apocalypse Saga. It’s all going to come to a head in 2023 when the final Saga is revealed, and the journey to Apocalypse nears its climax. Today, we get to add a few more pieces to solve the puzzle.

The Fourth Horseman

We are thrilled to announce that the fourth and final Horseman of the saga will be none other than the powerful mutant, Archangel! More details will be coming in the near future about his kit, but for now, look at that wingspan:

Archangel Legal

Death Scourge Event

The Death Scourge Event is expected to arrive with the release of Version 6.6 (barring any interference from Super Villains). With it will come new Scourges for a fresh challenge to flex your theory-crafting muscles.

Similar to other Scourge Events, there will be new trait requirements for Difficulty 5+, Nodes 5, and 10. We previously announced that Bionic Avenger is the first trait, and today, we’re excited to announce that the second and final trait is Wakandan! There are currently five playable Wakandans, but they’re about to get some reinforcements…

New Characters

By now, we’re sure that most of you have seen how Marvel Strike Force bolsters many of the biggest events happening in and around the grander Marvel Universe. We will continue to support those big beats to ensure that you are connected to the heart of Marvel. One such example is the forthcoming release of two new Wakandan characters, Nakia and Black Panther (1MM)! We’ll be announcing their full ability text very soon, but today, we want to give you the first look at their character models:

Bp Nakia

Cosmic Crucible

This feature was initially launched back in Version 6.1 with the intention that additional revisions and improvements would follow. Then in Version 6.3, Leagues was introduced, and we’re happy to see increased participation and interest in the game mode across the board. With these early successes and encouraging player feedback, we’re committed to making Cosmic Crucible the premier 1v1 player vs player mode in the game. Several improvements are currently being discussed for 2023, and we’d like to share some of the proposals with you today.

  • History Panel
  • Practice Mode
  • Stage Rules in Combat
  • Increased payout of Silver Promotion Credits per Knockout, per League

Let us know what you think of these ideas, and please feel free to make suggestions.


Costumes have become one of the best methods to keep you plugged into the greater Marvel Universe. We look at your favorite comics, television shows, and films to thread your roster with tried and true classics, unique designs, and some ripped right from the silver screen. Here are a couple of costumes coming very soon for your eyes to feast on:

Im Namor

Game Mode Improvements

We’re always looking to freshen up existing game modes and features. Here’s what’s coming in the near future.

Campaign Hard Difficulty

Get ready to take on the new Hard Difficulty for Campaign missions for a new challenge and new opportunities for rewards. In the next release, Version 6.5, Hard Difficulty will be introduced for the first two chapters of the Heroes and Villains Campaigns. Hard Difficulty will grant different rewards than Normal Difficulty, offering a great opportunity to stock up on Teal Origin Gear, among other resources. 

Certain nodes will feature rewards in the form of character shards of older characters, including Phyla-Vell. But you’ll probably be most excited to hear that two highly-requested newer characters will have shards available on nodes, including Wong and Sersi!

Additional chapters will get the Hard Difficulty treatment, gradually being introduced over time in 2022 and 2023. Please note that player level 75 is the minimum requirement to unlock Hard Difficulty (future Chapters might have higher requirements). All character requirements for nodes are the same as Normal Difficulty.

Economy Updates

Reviewing the availability of resources is an important part of the game’s evolution and progression. Here are some updates we’re looking to make:

  • Earn previously unavailable and hard to get Character Shards in Hard Difficulty Campaigns
  • Earn more Teal Gear in Hard Difficulty Campaigns
  • Open Teal Gear Orbs in the War Store for Elite War Credits
  • Raid Store Updated with 12 slots for Orange unique gear pieces and 12 slots for Purple unique gear pieces

Quality of Life Improvements

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a big difference. We get lots of requests for minor changes that can streamline and generally improve experiences across all areas of the game. Here’s a list of QoL improvements planned, many of which are coming sooner rather than later:

  • Remember combat speed settings across game modes. For example, if you set combat at x3 in Arena, that setting will be active in Blitz.
  • Saved Squads for War Practice mode
  • In Challenges, complete all available Auto Wins in that Challenge with one button.
  • New "Retreat" Option in Raids - retreat ends a Raid match without battle progress (no energy lost), and the "lose battle" option ends with progress preserved (energy used).
  • Emoji support in Chat

EDIT: For the new "Retreat" QoL Improvement, there's a redaction/strikethrough that will not consume energy. The intention of this feature is to offer a replacement for force-closing the app, not to make it similar to Scourge Events with unlimited attempts. We apologize for the confusion. and

Among the exciting announcements we made toward the end of 2021 was the acquisition of and the hiring of the site’s two creators. Since then, a number of improvements have been made to the site, including the ability to view your resource inventory! Go check it out if you haven’t already.

One of the biggest improvements coming is the eventual unification of the contents of and This means that you’ll be able to get all the benefits of both sites conveniently on a single site. The goal of the site unification is simple: create the best possible companion piece to Marvel Strike Force.

Here are a few improvements you can look forward to in the not-so-distant future:

  • Roster Sync - import your in-game roster data, which can be shared with other players
  • Alliance Sync - import information regarding your Alliance, which can be shared
  • Alliance Recruitment Tools - make it easier for players to find like-minded Alliances and for Leaders & Officers to recruit new members


This year was great, but next year will be off the chain. The dev team has been discussing a lot of fun ideas and reviewing player feedback to build a content calendar chock full of new challenges and rewards. We’ll continue to keep you informed of the latest news about Marvel Strike Force each and every week here on the website.

From everyone here at Boundless Entertainment, we thank you for being on this epic journey with us and a valued member of the community.

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