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December 23, 2022
A Cosmic Holiday Package
December 21, 2022
Meta Player Guide
December 17, 2022
6.6.0 Release Notes
December 7, 2022
Web Rewards Update
December 6, 2022
New Stamp Cards in Web Store
December 17, 2022

More rewards are now available with the new Stamp Cards on the Web Store and Milestone pages. Look at the bottom-right of the page and select the icon with several stars to see the available rewards. Spend a certain amount in a single transaction on the web store to earn a stamp and be granted the specified reward(s). The current Stamp rewards include:

- Gold Promotion Credits

- Dark Promotion Credits

- Elite 5 Credits

- Armory 17 Orbs

- T4 Orange Ability Materials

- Character Shards

- T3 Ability Materials

- Gold

- T2 L4 Ions

- T2 L1 Ions

… and more!

Rewards will change over time, so be sure to get all the rewards you want before the timer expires. Give it a try and please let us know what you think of the Stamp Card.

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