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Meta Player Guide
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With over 200 playable characters, Marvel Strike Force is a game that is continuously being updated, and thus, the meta-game (currently the most used and popular characters) is constantly evolving. This is a consolidated guide to help new and returning players quickly get caught up on efficient ways to play in the current environment to achieve victory.



In the game's early stages, you’ll want to focus on characters that can help you advance through the various Campaigns. 

If you recently started a new account, there are several Heroes that you’ll unlock for free that usually change monthly - prioritize leveling these characters. One of your first big goals is to get to Heroes node 7-3, where you can earn character shards for the thunder god, Thor, who is a high-damage Blaster and will fill a coveted spot in your mystic team for the Mystic Forces Rising Campaign. 


To unlock the Villains Campaign, you'll need to unlock several Villain characters after Elektra and Crossbones. The Sinister Six faction is accessible reasonably early in the game and will eventually help you unlock not one but two Legendary characters (available through limited-time Legendary Events): Shuri and Invisible Woman. Make progress toward beating node 7-6 to start banking Hela character shards, one of the best characters in the game, who will serve you well in all modes. As a bonus, Hela is a Cosmic character who can be used in the Cosmic Conflicts campaign.


When you unlock the Blitz feature, be sure to do as many battles per day as possible to earn tons of Blitz Credits to redeem in the Blitz Store for character shards at 500 Blitz Credits.

Some of the most popular Heroes to unlock early include Captain Marvel, Gamora, and Shang-Chi.

Some of the popular Villains to unlock early include Proxima Midnight, Stryfe, and Rhino.

Blitz Orbs can be a better value as they are cheaper than direct character purchases and include the much-needed valuable resource - Gold.


In the Raid Store, if you’re a newer player, then you’ll likely want to spend your Raid Credits on the Raid Orb at only 900 Raid Credits. Four slots in the Supplies section will randomly feature available characters (changes with store refresh) at 1,400 Raid Credits per x5 shards.

Some of the most popular Heroes to unlock early include Cloak, Thor, and Sharon Carter.

Some of the popular Villains to unlock early include Baron Zemo, Sabertooth, and Loki.


Similar to the Blitz Store, newer players are going to get the most long-term value from their Credits by opening the respective Arena Orb at only 800 Arena Credits. For returning players, there are some great characters to target in the Supplies.

Some of the most popular Heroes to unlock early include Dagger, Ghost-Spider, M’Baku, and Spider-Punk.

Some of the popular Villains to unlock early include Scream and Vulture.


Alliance War unlocks at player level 45 but also requires you to be in a level 20 Alliance. This is an excellent mode for mid to high-tier players to earn tons of gear and character shards for some mighty Heroes and Villains.

Some of the most popular Heroes to unlock early include Echo, Scarlet Spider, and Cable.

Some popular Villains to unlock early include Mister Sinister and Carnage.



  • Black Panther - Nexus 4-9
  • Okoye -  Nexus 6-3
  • Killmonger - Raid Store
  • M’Baku - Arena Store
  • Shuri - Legendary event that never leaves the game. Requires Sinister Six.

The Wakandan team is robust and relatively easy to get. They can be used as a Raid team, are solid in Cosmic Crucible, and generally have value in most game modes.

Young Avengers

  • Squirrel Girl - Nexus 4-3
  • Ms. Marvel - Mystic 2-6
  • Kate Bishop - Mystic 3-9
  • Echo - War Store
  • Spider-Man (Miles) - Heroes 3-3 and Blitz Store

The Young Avengers are a well-rounded team. They are powerful in Alliance War, and have value in many areas of the game. Two of their members, Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl, are solid choices for Dark Dimension I through V.



Campaign Energy is one of the game's most critical free resources and refills automatically over time. There are also three times per day when you can claim bonus Campaign Energy, so try setting reminders to ensure that you don’t miss claiming these payouts. You’ll get the most bang for your buck by refreshing Campaign Energy for 50 Power Cores daily.


One of the most critical paths to earning resources to power up characters is through Raids, so you’ll want to join an active Alliance as soon as possible! For new players: you’ll automatically be put into an Alliance when you reach a certain level and unlock the feature. If you want to join a different Alliance, try using Global Chat to advertise your level and how active you are. Outside of the game, there are some great places to check where Alliances are often recruiting, including the Official Discord Server and Official Facebook Group

Another essential resource is Raid Energy, and it also refills over time. Participating in Raids is essential to make significant roster progress, so try to find an actively raiding Alliance. When possible, try to use as much Raid Energy in each play session, and do not let your Raid Energy sit at the maximum level for too long.


Gear is one of the most essential ways of increasing a character's power. Increasing a character's Gear Tier will allow you to unlock and upgrade their abilities and access new and more challenging content like Dark Dimension and Scourge Events.

Starting at Gear Tier 10, Unique gear will be required to continue enhancing your character's Gear Tier. This gear is used as a crafting material for the Unique (middle left) gear slot. This type of gear cycles through the Supplies, Raid, and War Stores. You can also obtain large amounts of gear from Raids, War, Dark Dimension, Cosmic Crucible, and Campaign Missions. Make sure to check the stores every day because the contents refresh multiple times daily.


Iso-8 is a fun and powerful way to customize your teams for combat. A variety of Classes and effects are available in the Iso-8 system, most of which utilize the powerful status effect, Vulnerable. Iso-8 is available in the Iso-8 Store, the Isotope-8 Campaign nodes, and other game modes like Doom Raids. 

Once you level your character up to level 75 and upgrade them to T1 Level 5 Iso-8 (Green), you’ll be able to unlock T2 Iso-8 (Blue), the next evolution of Iso-8. T2 Iso-8 adds additional effects to each Iso-8 Class and increases the stat benefits. For detailed information, visit the Iso-8 Tutorial page.


Whether you’re a new or returning player, you’ll definitely want to check out the Advanced Options tab. Find it by going to the Options menu (the gear icon in the upper right), scrolling down, and then selecting the Advanced button. There you will find many bonus features that you can toggle to enhance and customize your gaming experience, including:

  • Open multiple orbs at once
  • Item count in the Store
  • Quick Alliance access
  • Reduced combat text
  • Cycle through Saved Squads in the Blitz menu
  • Download all assets via Wi-Fi
  • ...and more!


MSF.GG & MSF.GG BOT FOR DISCORD and Bot are fantastic resources where you can browse all of the game's characters, campaigns, events, gear, maps, and much more. Don’t worry about digging too deep if you’re a brand new player, but when you’re ready to take your game to the next level, here are just some of the resources you’ll find there:

  • Connect your in-game profile to view your inventory
  • Character profiles that show abilities, gear, and stats
  • Mission details on every Campaign, Challenge, and Event with an Enemy Inspector to help you strategize
  • Interactive Raid and Dark Dimension maps that provide details on every node, with the ability to create your own Lane Guides that can be shared
  • Alliance Management tools that let you create Alliance maps, set your War Room layout, display War Defenses, and display the team power values for every member in your Alliance


Many volunteers create informative and entertaining content for the community to help players through their journey in Marvel Strike Force. Here are links to some of these fantastic community leaders: 

English: YouTube

English: Twitch






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