Luminous Credits & Red Star Orbs Issues
September 23, 2021

Recently there was an issue where some players unintentionally got Luminous Credits due to an error with the Strike Pass. To make things equitable, in the near future we will send out 4,000 Luminous Credits to all players that did not already receive them due to the error. This is expected to happen soon after the release of version 5.7 next week.

Separately, there was an issue with the Red Star Rampage Blitz where two of the ranking tiers (21% - 40%, 41% - 60%) were not granting enough Red Star Orb Fragments. We have identified those affected players and will be sending them the amount missing that they should have initially received.

Third, today at 5pm PDT the Red Star Orb advertised a x10 drop rate on Dark Promotion Credits but it wasn’t actually active for ~20 minutes. We are investigating the issue and will send compensation to affected players at a later date.

We appreciate your patience while we work to address these issues.

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