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Greetings, everyone! Earlier this year, the Marvel Strike Force team published an announcement of the features, content, and improvements being worked on in early 2020.

With many of the previously mentioned updates now in the game (or coming soon), we’d like to give you a preview of what we’re working on for the second-half of 2020. Please keep in mind that when it comes to previews like this, specifics -- including dates -- can often change before release.

New Features


We originally ran an Iso-8 playtest with the community back in October 2019, and we received a lot of feedback that the team took seriously. So much so that we significantly overhauled the system. We’ve recently wrapped up a second closed beta test of Iso-8 with ~100 players, who once again provided us valuable feedback, to make the feature even better.

This is a new progression system that will allow you to further upgrade your character’s stats and actually customize them by choosing Classes. We previously published a preview of the current iteration of this feature with additional details. Bundled with the feature will be a new Iso-8 Campaign with its own energy, which will reward additional Gear and Gold.

Real-time PvP Competitive Mode

By now, many of you have likely participated in the VS Battle feature, where you draft a team and battle a friend/alliance member in real-time PvP. The dev team has reviewed the results and feedback about this feature, and many players have stated that they would like a competitive version of real-time PvP. We’re happy to announce that production has started on a “Real-time PvP Competitive Mode,” where there will be actual rewards involved. This will include a matchmaking system to allow you to jump into battles quickly with an opponent of relatively similar status.

Before the full feature is released later this year, the team is trying to add a matchmaking button for the current VS Battle mode. We love real-time battles and understand it can be hard to find opponents whenever you’re in the mood for a battle. This will help bridge the gap while we work on the complete version of the feature.

In developing this feature, we want to be respectful of players’ time. For example: we know that the drafting in VS Battle, while a lot of fun, can also take longer than the actual battle. Therefore, we’re looking at ways to either streamline the drafting process for this mode or be absent from it altogether. In tandem, we are focused on not increasing your game time overall by continuing to modify and look at the time players spend in other areas of the game like Blitz. Your feedback on this topic is welcome and appreciated.

New Missions

Dark Dimension 4

The fourth edition of Dark Dimension is looking to be the most challenging yet, with some equally impressive rewards. 

The reward for completing DD4 will be a playable version of none other than the devious Doctor Victor Von Doom! And as with other Dark Dimensions, there will be much fanfare and a host of goodies for everyone associated with the first player to clear DD4.

The requirement for characters to participate will be the forthcoming Gear Tier 15. We know that most players are still working on getting into DD3 and, to assist in accelerating your progress, we’ll be making Gear Tier 14 more accessible, including adding Superior Gear Pieces in a new story campaign.

Drdoom 00033 1

New Story Campaign

If you’ve been following the story of S.T.R.I.K.E. in the Campaigns: Ultimus is now trapped in another dimension and it seems that all is well. But just as it looks as though you’re about to enjoy a respite, a new menace turns its gaze to threaten Earth. Prepare for the next chapter in the Strike Force saga as Doctor Doom is about to take center stage, and he always has a plan.

As mentioned above, this will include the Superior Gear Pieces, or as the community also calls them, “mini-unique” pieces, needed to progress to Gear Tier 14.

More Challenge Tiers

Each challenge will have two additional Tiers added, with increasing rewards.

Raid Difficulty Selector - Greek Raids

We’re expanding the Raid Difficulty Selector feature to work with the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Raids III & IV for bigger challenges and better rewards.


While we’re excited to work on new features & characters, we also can’t ignore some of the current issues that need to be addressed to ensure the best gaming experience.

Audio SFX

While we addressed several issues with the game SFX in a recent update, we know that there are additional issues and we will focus more attention on this area of the game going forward.

Blitz Adjustments

While Blitz is a great mode to flex the might of your entire roster, there are several parts of it we would like to improve. First, we’re updating and flattening the reward structure for Blitz. Rank rewards will have less variance in how many shards players in the top brackets will earn; players in the top percentile brackets will earn more shards than they currently do. Second, to give players more flexibility in their day, we’re limiting the # of free refreshes each character can get in a 24 hour period. Third, we’re revisiting our point calculations to significantly increase the value of winning matches, and somewhat reduce the points earned for taking on extremely powerful opponents. We’re also looking at ways to reduce overall time spent in Blitz, to allow you to focus on other parts of the game. More info to come later in 2020.

Squad Management

We understand that creating teams in the Squad Select screen can be cumbersome when searching for characters with specific tags. As a needed quality-of-life improvement, we’ll be implementing the ability to sort characters in the Squad Select screen by the end of the year, with additional improvements coming later.

Wolverine as the Daily Login

At this point, there are a lot of players that have Wolverine at 7-Stars. We’ll be updating the “All Clear” Objective to identify players that have Wolverine at 7-Stars, and if they do, will instead reward a different type of resource.


There are even more features, characters, and improvements on the way that we’re not able to talk about just yet. So if there’s something you were looking for not mentioned here, it doesn’t mean that it’s absent from our radar. We’ll continue to have an open line of communication with you and post regular updates on our progress. Thank you for playing our game. We’re excited to take you on this journey together, and we hope you’re happy, healthy, and safe in 2020.

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