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May 4, 2022

There are several issues we are tracking in relation to the release of version 6.1 today:

  • Options to purchase multiple items were added to certain orbs but some of them requiring Power Cores are missing a purchase confirmation prompt. These are expected to be disabled this week, which will mean that multi-purchase options for all orbs which can be purchased with power cores will also need to be temporarily disabled. The team will make it a priority to restore this functionality soon and we’ll keep you updated.
  • There is a visual-only issue with Inbox message for Raid Completion rewards not showing that the rewards are collected, but they are in-fact sent to your inventory.
  • There is a visual-only issue with an Inbox message that shows “x300 A-Force Emblems.” This is intended to grant a random amount between 1-300 and is functioning correctly. Visually it is not displaying that randomized number.
  • It appears that M’baku is getting a little rowdy and occasionally attacking his teammates - this is currently being investigated.
  • The Armory 16 orb was temporarily missing from the Store but has since been restored and will show up with the next store refresh.

We will keep you updated on the topics still pending resolution. Thanks for your patience.

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