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May 24, 2019

Greetings Commanders,

It's time to break down the new uncanny heroes arriving in MARVEL Strike Force: The X-Men! Psylocke, Colossus, Cyclops, and Phoenix will soon be joining Wolverine and Storm in battle. Fully formed and with Phoenix by their side, the X-Men will be the new apex Arena team and can take down any team. Let's take a look at each member and their kit.


First up is the new X-Men Brawler, Psylocke. On top of doling out damage, Psylocke can remove negative status effects from allies and place them on enemies. This is a huge counter to teams that specialize in quickly piling negative effects on characters, like the Brotherhood or Spider-Verse. Psylocke can turn the tables instantly by flipping her team's negative effects on her enemies. For an encore, Psylocke's attacks deal piercing damage, making her great against high-armored teams. Pair Psylocke with Wolverine for a one-two piercing punch that carves up armored enemies for reliable damage.

If you want to recruit Psylocke in her upcoming Event Campaign, you'll need a team of your best Martial Artists.

Psylocke's Kit (abilities shown at max level):

Basic - Psi Knife

  • Attack the primary target for 270% Piercing damage.

Special - Telekinetic Armament

  • Attack the primary target for 200% Piercing damage. Chain to 3 adjacent targets for 200% Piercing damage. Clear 2 positive effects from each target.
  • Counterattack breaks this Chain

Ultimate - Astral Butterflies

  • Transfer 2 negative effects from each ally to primary target. Transfer all negative effects from self and X-Men allies to primary target.
  • Attack primary target for 300% Piercing damage.
  • This attack cannot miss.

Passive - Reinvigorate

  • On Spawn, gain Evade + Counter. When an X-Men ally drops below 50% Max Health, apply Evade + Counter to that ally.
  • Gain +1,000% Resistance against Disrupted


Next up is the X-Men Protector, Colossus. The Mutant metal man gives his allies temporary protection from damage with his Taunt -- a 2-turn Taunt with Phoenix -- and provides additional damage mitigation with Deflect. Colossus can also apply Offense Down to a target using his Basic attack, Ringdinger, allowing you the flexibility to reduce incoming damage by choosing a target to hinder. Worth noting is his Charge mechanic: when Colossus gains a Charge, the damage he inflicts increases with each stack of Charge. The big fella can really wallop a target if you're patient.

You can add the X-Tank to your squad in an upcoming Blitz.

Here are Colossus's kit details (abilities shown at max level):

Basic - Ringdinger

  • Attack primary target for 340% damage and apply Offense Down for 2 turns.

Special - Altruism

  • Gain Taunt. Gain 2 Counter. Apply 2 Deflect to Self and X-Men allies. Apply Deflect to all other allies.
    If Phoenix is an ally, gain Taunt for 2 turns.

Ultimate - Enduring Protection

  • Increase the duration of positive effects on self by +3, up to a maximum of 5.
  • Gain 2 Deathproof
  • Gain +2 charged, up to a maximum of 5

Passive - Steel Form

  • On Spawn, if Charged, generate 1 Ability Energy for Self.
  • Then clear Charged.
  • On Spawn, if Phoenix is an ally:
  • > Gain Defense Up for 2 Turns
  • > Apply Defense UP to all X-Men allies
  • When a negative effect is applied to an X-Men ally, gain +1 Charged, up to a maximum of 5. While Charged, when attacked, attack that enemy for 100% damage +10% damage per Charged.
  • When an X-Men ally drops below 50% Max Health, gain +1 Taunt, up to a maximum of 2.
  • While in Defense Up, gain +1,000 Resistance.
  • Gain +15% Max Health.
  • X-Men allies gain +15% Max Health.


Phoenix, the Legendary Controller for the X-Men, is truly unique, because she has two different ability kits. The second kit activates after Phoenix dies and she transforms into a summoned character, Dark Phoenix. Her Passive ability, Phoenix Rising, boosts her X-Men allies by increasing their Max Health and Damage, similar to the damage increase Star-Lord provides the Guardians team. Her Basic abilities, Psychic Blast and Immolation, clear enemy positive effects, including Taunt, allowing you to focus attacks. And if you thought she couldn't get any more powerful, Phoenix can Stealth allies and redistribute Health, similar to Scarlet Witch.


The longtime leader of the X-Men is still being finalized, but here's an early look into his kit. Cyclops is the X-Men Blaster and his big draw is his ability to apply Taunt to the two most-injured enemies. This ability extends the control you have over Phoenix and plays into Cyclops's lore as a master strategist and tactician. Combine this ability with Wolverine and Psylocke and now you have a devastating attack that enemies can't avoid with Taunt. Cyclops's method of gaining Charge allows you to build a big, heavy-hitting Ultimate attack that can take out almost any enemy.

Wolverine & Storm

Let's not forget about the iconic pair of X-Men that have already been battling in MARVEL Strike Force: Wolverine and Storm. How does Wolverine fit into the new team? As we mentioned above, Wolverine and Psylocke provide a nice 1-2 punch of reliable damage against high-armored targets. When combined with Phoenix, Wolverine (along with all X-Men allies) gains a significant damage boost to his chain attacks and single-target Ultimate attack.

Storm is still at her strongest in Raids, but she's also effective when slotted into the X-Men team. Her Assist Now chance on X-Men turn provides a 50% chance of extra damage every time an X-Men ally has a turn. So don't overlook Ororo Munroe from your X-Men team.

The X-Men Team (X-Men Assemble!)

When you combine the Mutant might of the X-Men team, they're truly a force to be reckoned with. It's difficult for enemy teams to escape damage when Cyclops applies Taunt to the two weakest enemies and Phoenix clears enemy positive effects. Teams like the Brotherhood and Spider-Verse should be on alert because Psylocke can flip their Bleeds and Disrupted right back at them. Wolverine and Psylocke can carve up enemies for big, piercing damage, and Storm can compound damage with her Assist. Combine all that with Colossus absorbing the brunt of enemy attacks, and you have an Arena powerhouse.

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