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September 25, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

The next phase of gear progression is on the way in the form of Teal (Augmented) gear. Teal gear arrives with our upcoming version 5.7 Release, which is currently slated for September 29th (PDT) and characters equipped with Teal gear will enjoy a major stat boost in battle. Our previous gear releases would imply that Gear Tier 16 should be another level of Orange gear, but we have something else in mind. As we mentioned in our 2021 Preview Blog, we're going straight to Teal (Augmented) gear in order to reduce the overall cost of Orange gear and generally make it more accessible. 

Acquiring Teal Gear

At launch, you'll be able to earn Teal gear from the Doom II Raid (primary source), the Supplies Store, the War Store, as well as from event milestones and various offers. Doom II will reward Teal Gear Raid Orbs via the Raid Completion Rewards. This orb rewards all Teal gear types, excluding mini-uniques, so you'll want to start coordinating with your Alliance so you can dive into Doom II as soon as you're ready. 

For Commanders Level 80+, the Supplies Store and War Store will each have one row (located at the top of each store) dedicated to Teal gear. Augmented Basic Catalysts will have a dedicated store slot. The remaining Catalyst Parts, origin gear, uniques, and Gear Tier 16 mini-uniques will appear in remaining shared slots.

Teal Gear Tree

The Teal gear tier will also have a slightly streamlined structure to make it easier to track which pieces you'll need in the future. Unique gear won’t require Basic Catalysts. You'll only ever need 400 Augmented Basic Catalyst Parts (200 to craft each piece of gear that requires basic catalysts) for Gear Tier 16 per character. For comparison, reaching Gear Tier 15 required an average of 1,050 Superior Basic Catalysts. Another reason for the move to Augmented (Teal) Gear now is we don’t want to continue scaling gear recipes the way we did in the Orange Gear Tiers. The increases in recipe costs through Orange didn’t feel great, so we want to create a healthier arc of progression through Teal.

Orange Gear Availability Updates

With the introduction of Teal gear, we want to get even more Orange gear in your hands so you can start powering up more of your roster. We'll be making several updates to Orange gear availability in the Supplies Store and War Store.

In the Supplies Store, most orange gear types, except Basic Catalysts, will now appear in higher quantities:

  • Catalysts parts for Damage, Focus, Health, Armor, and Resistance: Decreased from 16k Gold to 12k Gold per item. 
  • Orange Origin Trait Gear: Decreased from 20k Gold to 12k Gold per item.
  • Gear Tier 14 Mini-Uniques: Decreased from 35k Gold to 20k Gold per item.

In the War Store, certain gear pieces will appear in greater quantities:

  • Gear Tier 14 mini-uniques: increased from a stack of 2 to 4
  • Orange uniques: increased from 1 to a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3
  • Superior Basic Catalyst parts: increased from a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 to a minimum 10 of and a maximum of 20.

We've also reduced the prices for the following gear:

  • Orange Uniques: Reduced from 1,015 War Credits to 900 War Credits
  • Gear Tier 14 Mini-Uniques: Reduced from 700 War Credits to 300 War Credits 

While we have made price reductions to certain gear pieces per unit, keep in mind that the greater quantity in the bundle might give the impression that prices have increased but the per-unit cost has not been increased.

Keep your eyes on future blogs for details on events and new opportunities to get your hands on Teal gear.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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