Gambit Raid Improvements
June 21, 2022

The dev team has been closely monitoring progression of the Gambit Raids and listening to player feedback. We have some exciting improvements upon the Week 1 version of Ace of Raids that will help Alliances better progress as a collective. 

First, the Week 2 iteration of Ace of Raids will now be an Alliance scoring event. With this change we will be adjusting the Milestone point thresholds so that skill in the Gambit Raid will grant improved event completion rewards. As a result, Alliances should feel less pressure to micro-manage the individual nodes on the raid and more on the overall results.

Second, we will be extending the Gambit Raid and event by one more day, to give players extra time to earn Dazzler’s Bracelet in the Rollin’ Rebel event.

Third, with the start of Week 2 of Gambit Raids, two characters will be added to each trait list to help your alliance progress even further:

- Clubs: Longshot, Beast

- Diamonds: Madelyne Pryor, Storm

- Hearts: Jessica Jones, Stature

- Spades: Thing, She-Hulk

Finally, we are sending out some extra Kinetic Health Packs and Kinetic Energy Refills today to assist in getting you across the finish line of Week 1 of Gambit Raid. 

We are thrilled to see so many Alliances coordinating and executing precision strategies. The team will continue to monitor the feature’s performance and review player feedback to ensure a fun, challenging and rewarding event.

Good luck and have fun!

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