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September 25, 2020

Over the past few months, the dev team has read a lot of feedback requesting that some of the game modes, like Blitz, be more streamlined and overall reduce the daily time commitment to be competitive. One of the ways that the team took action on this feedback is by starting work on a Sim feature.

Today that Sim feature under development was unintentionally activated for all players for a short period of time, for the Blitz and Raid modes - looks like Deadpool got a little impatient. It was our desire to discuss the Sim feature for Blitz in the next episode of Strike Time, but the cat is clearly out of the bag at this point.

First, we want to set expectations and make it clear that the Sim options that were visible today are still in development and are not representative of the final product.

Second, this is not a guarantee that the Sim feature will be coming to multiple modes of the game. While we are testing a number of options, Sim for Raids will likely undergo major changes if it actually comes out.

But the question you likely want to know the answer to most is: will the Sim feature be available for Blitz? The answer is an enthusiastic yes! In December, 2020, we plan to have the Sim feature for Blitz available to players after they reach a certain level. We believe that by using Sim in Blitz that it will still retain the fun elements of the mode by creating your squads and tactically picking the ideal enemy teams to battle, while reducing the time necessary to Auto-battle.

We’ll be sending out some compensation soon to all players for the confusion that was caused today.

Even after Sim comes to Blitz, we will continue to take your feedback and explore additional ways to ensure that the time you spend in Marvel Strike Force is engaging and rewarding.

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