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Greetings Commanders,

This week’s release of Rescue in Version 3.1.3 introduces a new combat mechanic we’re calling: Barrier. This is the third new mechanic we’ve introduced since the launch of MARVEL Strike Force, joining Disrupted and Immunity. But this effect works in a very different way. Barrier provides protection in the form of a player shield, capable of absorbing a set amount of damage before any damage is inflicted on the character’s Health. Pick your targets carefully when facing Rescue, as you’ll have to fight through the Barrier to deal damage to the targeted character.


Rescue is the first character to make use of Barrier, and she does so in a very powerful way. Her ability to both prevent damage as it comes in and slow down her enemies gives her team extra time to build up an offense and fortify an already strong defense.

The base of her kit begins with her Basic attack, Sonic Repulsor. This is a chain attack that slows both targets she hits and applies Slow.

Where Rescue really shines is with her use of Barrier, which she applies in two ways. The on-demand way is through her Special ability, Tech Shield, which applies Barrier. This ability offers protection to your entire team as well and applies a stack of Regeneration. At max level, this offers 3,500 + 10% of Rescue’s Max Health, giving you enough protection to take the brunt of the next attack. It's important to note that Barrier is not persistent -- meaning it if you use it in a Raid battle and an ally has some left over, it won't carry over to the next Raid node. Barrier is also capped, so there's a max amount each character can have.

The other way she can apply Barrier is with her passive, which offers a smaller amount of Barrier than the one Tech Shield provides, but doesn’t require energy to use. It triggers when one of her allies drops below 50% Health, which can make the difference between a knocked-out ally or one that survives and proceeds with your gameplan. In War, Rescue applies Barrier to all Power Armor allies on Spawn, giving her team an immediate defensive advantage.

We believe that her abilities will provide many opportunities for team building and theory crafting, and we’re curious where your creativity will take her.


A new member of the X-men will be arriving soon: Colossus! He’s a powerful Protector that can absorb heavy damage by stacking positive effects and mitigate incoming damage with Deflect. Colossus's abilities make him difficult to get through and he's one of the reasons the X-Men will be the new apex Arena team.

Colossus will arrive sometime in the not-so-distant future. Stay tuned for more information on his abilities and release in a future post.

And, as always…    

Good luck, Commanders!   

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