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Cosmic Crucible Season 2 Start Date
January 18, 2023

UPDATED 1/18/23: Replaced Silver promotion credits with Crucible Credits in the second paragraph.

The dev team has been working quickly to prepare for the next season of Cosmic Crucible. We’re happy to announce that Season 2 will be starting ahead of schedule this Friday, January 20th at 1:00PM (PST), with the actual rounds beginning Monday, January 23rd (PST). The rewards for Season 1 will start to be delivered shortly after it ends, but it can take up to 24 hours for players to receive them.

With Season 2, there will be some updated rewards that will be implemented after the season begins. The number of Crucible Credits earned from knockouts will be increasing based on your current League. However, the increased rewards will require a new game client, so the changes won’t go into effect until Version 6.7 is released, currently scheduled for early February.

Here are the Season 2 room rules:

Global Rules - Magical Disruptions

  • On Offense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 10% for all non-MASTERS OF EVIL VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On Defense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 20% for all COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On any COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS Turn, apply Bleed to that character.
  • On Defense, all characters gain +20% Health and +10% Damage.

Stage 1&2

  • No special rules except for the Global Rule.

Stage 3 - Portable Shield Device

  • On Defense, any FORTIFER that uses an Ultimate Ability, spreads all Positive Effects to Adjacent Allies.
  • On any STRIKER’S turn, Barrier that character for +5% of that character's Max Health Barrier and flip Offense Down.

Stage 4 - Resurrection Protocols

  • On Spawn, HERO MUTANTS gain Revive Once and Immunity.

Stage 5 - Creeping Spiders

  • When any SPIDER-VERSE character has Stealth, that character gains +20% Damage.
  • Reduce Resistance by 20% for any character with Bleed.
  • This room may be updated in the future.

Stage 6 - Vibranium Tuning

  • On Defense, WAKANDAN characters gain +60% Max Health, Focus, Resistance, and Damage.
  • On Defense, on Turn, WAKANDAN characters clear all negative effects on self and gain Speed Up.
  • On Defense, WAKANDAN characters clear Revive Once on each successful attack .
  • On Defense, WAKANDAN characters with Speed Up, gain +20% Speed.
  • On Defense, WAKANDAN characters with Bleed, Offense Down, Trauma, or Disrupted gain +50% Speed.
  • On Offense, non-TECH characters clear Charged on the end of turn. If Charged is removed, apply Defense Down to all player characters.

Get your teams ready now to prepare for the new season.

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