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Greetings Commanders,

Whether you're a member of a powerful Alliance or just looking to add a tank to your team, there's an event for everyone coming up. First up is a new addition to the Raid lineup.

Ultimus Raid VII - First Strike

A new Raid tier is on the way and it's unlike any challenge your Alliance has faced so far: Ultimus Raid VII - First Strike. We won't sugarcoat the difficulty; First Strike is the toughest challenge this side of the Dark Dimension and only the most powerful Alliance Raid teams should attempt it. Ultimus VII will start as a special event and will require First Strike Raid Keys to launch. You can get these special keys by completing Ultimus VI -- specifically by eliminating Ultimus at the end of the Raid. Alliances that complete this goal every day can launch First Strike once a week. This event is only temporary and Ultimus Raid VII will eventually open up like other raids and not require special keys for access.

We recommend only the most powerful and determined Alliances attempt Ultimus VII. Many will attempt this raid and most will fall short of victory. The few Alliances that complete Ultimus VII will truly be legendary. This is your warning, Commanders.

Completing Ultimus VII - First Strike will reward you and your Alliance with T4 Ability Materials, Orange Gear Orbs, and more. The special event period will feature increased rewards, so be sure to tackle this Raid with your Alliance before they're gone. As an added bonus, we'll have a competitive event similar to what we did with completing Fear the Darkness. We'll have more details on this competition and the release of Ultimus Raid VII - First Strike in the coming weeks.

America Chavez

Coming soon to a star-shaped portal near you is America Chavez. This All-Star Brawler specializes in boosting the abilities of ally Hero Brawlers, as well as hitting for big damage and punching positive effects off of enemies.

You'll have three different ways to recruit America. First, you can recruit her in the upcoming Unity Event by engaging in Blitz battles and hitting Milestones to earn Unity Orb Fragments. The Unity Orb contains marquee characters and features America Chavez at a higher drop rate. There will also be a seven day login calendar containing Unity Orb fragments. Finally, you can recruit America in her special Blitz event -- Star Power Blitz -- which will be on 6/17 and then again on 6/24.

If you're looking to bring sustainability and knockout power to your Hero Brawler team, America Chavez is the Brawler for you.

Community Poll: Kree Minion Blitz

Don't forget to vote in our community poll for the upcoming Kree Minion Blitz. Help choose which Kree character shards are up for grabs by voting on our Facebook page. Up for the vote is Kree Noble, Oracle, Cyborg, Reaper, and Royal Guard. You'll need a strong Kree team for the upcoming Nick Fury Legendary Event, so make your voice heard!

Colossus Round 2 Blitz

If you missed out on the X-Tank the first time around, you'll have a chance at redemption during the second Colossus Blitz. This Blitz will fall on Monday 6/10, so be sure to mark your calendars. Add the steel shield to your X-Men Arena team by recruiting Colossus!

Iron Man Legendary Event

The Iron Man Legendary Event is landing back in MARVEL Strike Force and you'll have another opportunity to recruit the leader of the Power Armor team. Be sure to rank up, level up, and gear up your best S.H.I.E.L.D. team if you want a shot at adding Iron Man to your squad.

That's all for this week! As always…

Good luck, Commanders!

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