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June 21, 2019

Greetings Commanders,

Embrace the evil within because this week we're teasing a new Villain team that's sure to cause chaos amongst City Heroes. We also have some red hot details for the upcoming Phoenix Legendary Event and the Ultimus VII Raid.

The Sinister Six

City Heroes have enjoyed the upper hand in battle for quite some time in MARVEL Strike Force, but there's a new group of Villains hellbent on turning the tide: The Sinister Six! The longtime Spider-Man foes are combining their powers to form a Team Synergy that specializes in stomping City Heroes. Here's a primer on the members lurking in the streets of the city.


Rumbling to the fight first is Rhino, the team's Protector. The stampeding tank features a Taunt/AoE attack combo, negative effect clearing for allies, and an Ultimate ability that inflicts damage that increases with each City Hero he faces. Protect the brains of your sinister operation with this brawny big guy.


Shake foes to their core with Shocker, the new Blaster of the Sinister Six. His kit features both single and AoE attacks that hit for Piercing damage and increase in ferocity with each enemy City Hero. Shocker also can amp up team attacks by granting Sinister Six allies Offense Up.


Dishing out the pain on behalf of the Sinister Six is their high-flying Brawler, Vulture. The deadly bird of prey not only strikes for devastating damage that increases with each negative effect on his target, but his attacks hinder City Hero offenses by applying Slow and Offense Down. Apply Shocker's Offense Up to Vulture and he’ll paint the town red!

Green Goblin (Available Now)

Their fourth member, Green Goblin, is already hurling flaming pumpkins in the city, so you don't have to wait to get started building the Sinister Six. Be on the lookout for the rest of the team, as they'll be exploding into battle in the near future. Until then, there's another challenge on the horizon...


The Legendary Event for the Omega member of the X-Men is nearly upon us. The power and capabilities of Phoenix are in a class above other Legendary characters. To reflect her strength, the Phoenix Legendary Event will be the most challenging in the history of MARVEL Strike Force. Defeating the highest difficulty level and unlocking Phoenix will require a powerful team and precision strategy.

For this event, you'll need your top Villain, Mystic, Controller characters: Hand Assassin, Loki, Mordo, Nobu, and Ronan. The requirements to unlock the X-Legend are more demanding. Your team will need to be at least 6 stars to unlock Phoenix and we recommend Level 65+, Gear Tier 11+, and Ability Level 6.

The rewards will also reflect Phoenix's legendary status. In addition to the current rewards, difficulty tiers 5, 6, and 7 will feature the following new rewards:

Tier 5 - 5 Red Star Orbs

Tier 6 - 2,000 Elite 4 Credits

Tier 7 - 3,000 Elite 4 Credits

To help you prepare, there will be a 2X event on 6/22 where nodes containing Nobu, Loki and Hand Assassin character shards will pay out double for 24 hours. We'll also have a special login calendar with character shards, as well as in-game offers.

Prepare now, Commanders. The Phoenix Legendary Event begins June 27th.

Ultimus VII - First Strike First Alliance Rewards

Speaking of extraordinary challenges, Ultimus VII - First Strike is now available to every Alliance that believes they're up to the task. As we mentioned last week, the first Alliance to complete Ultimus VII three times will be commemorated in the game and kick off a community-wide celebration. The Alliance Pants of Hulk has already completed Ultimus VII once. Will they keep up the momentum and be the first Alliance to achieve victory?

The victorious Alliance will be enshrined in the Ultimus Raid landscape so that future Alliances will never forget who conquered the challenge. Additionally, we'll hold a special Raid dedicated in their honor. For the community celebration, the Alliance will be able to choose from select characters that have been featured in a past Blitz, Event Campaign, or Raid which will be placed in a limited edition orb. There will also be a celebratory login calendar that'll contain Raid, Gold, Mega, and Red Star Orb Fragments. Good luck to all the Alliances that attempt the Ultimus VII - First Strike challenge!

America Chavez Blitz Part 2 - 6/24

The All-Star Brawler is back again as the star of her very own Blitz. Use this second opportunity to add muscle and sustainability to your Brawler team with America's blistering abilities.

That's all for this week! As always…

Good luck, Commanders!

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