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Community Update: New Recurring Milestone Rewards
June 14, 2019

Greetings Commanders,

This is a week of new opportunities -- new events to take part in, a new Raid to attempt, and new chances to earn character shards. Up first is a change coming to everyone's favorite freebies: Milestones.

New Recurring Milestone Rewards

Milestone rewards are losing a familiar face and gaining a new reward structure next week. Here are the new rewards that'll be available by hitting Milestones:

  • New Milestone Orb Fragments
  • Power Cores
  • Advanced Basic Catalyst Parts
  • Orange Gear Orb Fragments
  • T4 Orange Ability Materials

This means that Captain Marvel's run as part of the Milestone Rewards is ending soon. But the supernova super-hero isn't gone just yet! Continue earning Milestone points and collecting her character shards before she leaves.

The new recurring Milestone Rewards will have a limited-time run until character shards make their return to Milestone Rewards sometime in the future. Be on the lookout for the next character to recruit and Rank Up.

New Milestone Orb

So what's in the new Milestone Orb? The center pillar rewards up to 10 character shards with Captain Marvel as the featured character and dropping at a 9x higher rate than other characters. The second pillar contains Orb Fragments and Elite 4 Currency, and the third pillar includes Blue, Purple, and Orange Gear. Be sure to start hitting those milestones as soon as the New Milestone Orb is live.

Warning: Ultimus VII - First Strike is Almost Here

The toughest Raid challenge in the history of MARVEL Strike Force is just around the corner, and we're holding a special competition to see which Alliance can be the first to complete Ultimus VII three times. Sure, an Alliance could persevere and beat it once. Maybe the stars align and they beat it twice. But three times? If your Alliance beats it three times AND is the first to do it, your Alliance will be recognized. We’ll have more details to come on that in next week’s update!

Ultimus VII - First Strike will require First Strike Keys to enter, which can only be acquired by completing Ultimus VI and eliminating Ultimus at the end of the Raid. For a full rundown of Ultimus VII, be sure to check out last week's blog.

And we just want to stress again that this Raid is incredibly difficult. Only the most powerful and determined Alliances should even consider attempting this Raid and most of those Alliances will fall well short of victory. Good luck to every Alliance that attempts Ultimus VII.

America's Blitz

America Chavez is teleporting to her first-ever Blitz on Monday, June 17th. Commanders who love to brawl definitely shouldn't miss this Blitz, because there's a reason she's the All-Star Brawler. On top of the usual high damage a Brawler brings to your team, America Chavez also boosts the Health of her fellow Hero Brawlers and can slug the positive effects right off her target. Ice your knuckles and get ready to duke it out in Blitz for America Chavez character shards.

Relic Hunt

It's time to rank up your Hand team because Relic Hunt is almost here. Take advantage of doubled Hand character shards for 24 hours in their respective nodes in the upcoming Need a Hand event.

That's all for this week! As always…

Good luck, Commanders.

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