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May 3, 2019

Greetings Commanders,

We’re back again this week with an update on all things MARVEL Strike Force. This week we talk about the return of the Golden Blitz, an update to Elite Red Star Orbs, and what to expect in the week ahead. Let’s get into it.

Fangirl Blitz

By popular demand, Gold Blitz is back! Ms. Marvel Blitz is underway and features a special bonus event that we call Golden Blitz. Gold Orb Fragments have been added to ranked reward tiers for this Blitz that can be used to open Gold Orbs. If you need Gold, want Gold, or just like Gold, don't miss this special event.

S.T.R.I.K.E Raid: Alpha Featuring Black Panther

Stock up on Health Packs, because Alpha Raids takes off on Monday, May 6th. This returning Raid features Black Panther, whom you can earn via orb fragments. This Raid features the same layout as the previous Alpha Raid, but the Boss and Mini-Boss nodes have been updated and feature new enemies.

Elite Red Star Orb Update

You spoke and we listened! We're currently reworking the Red Star Orb system -- specifically Elite Red Star Orbs. When this upcoming change goes into effect, we'll be issuing retroactive compensation (details forthcoming) for any duplicates you pull from the Elite Red Star Orb, so there's no need to save your Elite Orbs. Expect to hear a lot more regarding changes to the Elite Red Star Orb in the near future.

3.1.3 Release on the Horizon

We have a small update rolling out soon that'll provide some big entertainment. Version 3.1.3 introduces a new character to MARVEL Strike Force and adds a second chapter to the Front Lines Event Campaign. Front Lines will feature four new nodes that have the Heroes protecting the people on the ground in the War against Ultimus.

The Week Ahead

Relic Hunt

You'll need all Hands on deck for this upcoming event. Relic Hunt comes back on May 5th with a chance to earn Advanced Basic Catalysts!

Mystique Blitz

We mentioned that this blitz was coming last week, but it has moved to a new date and is now set to release on May 9th. Gather your squad and face off against other players in a quest to earn milestone rewards and a chance to win Mystique shards!

Until next time…   

Good luck, Commanders!

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