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March 25, 2022

The fourth anniversary of MARVEL Strike Force is here and this year we're going to party like it's 1699 with the Celebration Incantation Event. Say cheers to four years of protecting Nexus Earth with rewards that'll double your enemies' toil and trouble. Here's how to earn rewards and make big time roster progress with this limited-time event:

Cauldrons & Event Store

Begin your rewards spell by collecting limited-time Cauldron currency. Cauldron rewards are available in the following ways:

  • 1 Cauldrons (point) per 1 Campaign Energy Spent
  • 2 Cauldrons per 1 Isotope-8 Campaign Energy Spent
  • 575 Cauldrons from the following Daily Objectives:
  • 50 from “Daily Raid Battles” (Compete in 2 Raid battles)
  • 200 from “S.T.R.I.K.E. Initiative: Raid” (Compete in Raid battles)
  • 200 from “Daily Arena Battles” (Compete in 2 Arena battles)
  • 125 from “Real-Time Arena Contender” (Play 2 Real-Time Arena Battles)
  • 23-25 Cauldrons per Blitz Win
  • 23 for each Blitz Sim Win
  • 25 for each Blitz Win

You can then spend your Cauldrons on rewards in the Event Store to earn valuable gear such as:

  • Augmented Basic Catalyst Parts
  • Augmented Stat Catalyst Parts
  • Augmented Origin Gear
  • Superior Basic Catalyst Parts
  • Superior Stat Catalyst Parts
  • Superior Origin Gear
  • Mini-Uniques for Gear Tiers 14 and 15

Successful Brew Milestone

Summon points toward a 14-day milestone by spending Cauldrons to earn rewards that include Teal Gear, Scarlet Witch shards, T2 Iso-8, Armory Orbs, and the Frog's Breath Orb (more on this below).

Bonus Events

Keep an eye out for Bonus Events that start at various points during Celebration Incantation. Each will help you earn additional resources to aid in your progression:

Gear Explosion - x2 Mystic Gear in all Campaign Nodes

XP Throttle - x2 Commander EXP in all Campaign (and Iso-8 Campaign) nodes

Gear Blowout - 20% off all Gear in the Main (Gold) store and 20% off store refreshes in main store

Raining Gold - x2 Gold in all Campaign Nodes

Spell Ingredient Orbs

Harness the magic from four Spell Ingredient Orbs. Each Spell Ingredient Orbs rewards a special gift. Here's where you can find each orb and the reward inside of each:

Eye of Newt: Select Unique gear pieces - found in the event calendar

Dragon Tooth: 80 character shards from a pool of Dark Hunter and/or Web Warrior characters - found in the “Dragon Tooth Orb Offer”

Frog's Breath: 7 L5 Green Iso Crystals for a mix of Brawler and/or Controller characters - found in the Successful Brew Milestone

Spider's Egg: Enough Elite 5 Credits to open an Elite 5 Red Star Orb - found in the Anniversary Gift Inbox


Open all 4 Spell Ingredient Orbs to add Black Bolt's and/or Nick Fury's "S.T.R.I.K.E. Anniversary" Costume to your roster using Gold Phase Bits, which will be available in limited-time Achievements.

Pocket Dimension

The Celebration Incantation is not only conjuring up valuable rewards, but it will open up another Pocket Dimension! This time around, only characters with the limited-time Disciple trait and are level 65 or higher will be able to participate.

For those who complete the First Time Run:

  • 6 Fully Crafted Superior Gear for Tier 15
  • 3 Fully Crafted Augmented Gear
  • 175 Silver Promotion Credits
  • 1,250 Random Gear Pieces (Superior and Augmented)

And if you’re able to complete the Timed Run before the event timer expires, you’ll additionally receive:

  • 6 Fully Crafted Superior Gear for Tier 15
  • 3 Fully Crafted Augmented Gear
  • 55 Gold Promotion Credits
  • 1,450 Random Gear Pieces (Superior and Augmented)

This event will only be playable for 7 days, so prepare your roster for a quick strike attack in this dangerous dimension.

Thank you to everyone for playing MARVEL Strike Force! We hope you enjoy the anniversary and can't wait for even more exciting events in the year ahead.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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