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September 4, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

This week we have big opportunities to grab gear and energize your Villains, including Blitzes for the return of a son of evil, a War Orb update, as well as a Bonus Event that's hands down fantastic. Let's get started!

Catalyst Calendar

It's a celestial celebration this week with the limited-time Equinox Calendar. Log in every day for 10 days to earn tons of Purple and Orange Catalysts. Keep your eyes on your inbox for the starting date.

Orange Gear War Orb Update

To help you in your pursuit of obtaining more Orange Gear, we're updating the rewards for each pillar of the Orange Gear War Orb. Here's an overview of the changes:

Right Pillar: Will guarantee Superior Catalysts.

Left Pillar: Will guarantee Superior Gear Pieces required for Gear Tier 14.

Center Pillar: Rewards will be evenly split between Superior Uniques and other Superior Gear. Due to this drop rate split, the quantities will be doubled.

Upcoming Blitzes

Plunder rewards in the name of Hydra and Mutantkind with this week's Blitzes. Stryfe leads the way in the Bad Blood Blitz, where you can modify his DNA with character shards and turn this Marauder Protector into a Mutant wall. Immediately following is round two of the Son of Evil Blitz, which features Baron Zemo character shards, as well as the new reward we mentioned in last week's blog: Red Stars for Baron Zemo himself. Recruit and rank up this diabolical Hydra Controller then seek revenge on the Minion teams that dared to defeat you in past battles.

All Hands on Deck

Emerging from the cloud of an expertly crafted smoke bomb are two events for your team of favorite ninjas. During the Need a Hand? Event, use all five fingers to snatch 2x character shards for Hand characters in the following Campaign nodes:

Hand Sentry: Mystic 1-6

Elektra: Heroes 3-9 & Nexus 3-9

Hand Sorceress: Heroes 2-9 & Nexus 3-3

Hand Blademaster: Villains 3-6

Nobu: Villains 6-3

Hand Assassin: Nexus 7-6

Then send your upgraded Hand team into battle with the Relic Hunt Event where you can keep their masked eyes on the prize of Advanced Basic Catalysts.

That's all for this week! Start sharpening your claws for next week's X-citing news and events.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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