The Alien Amplifier
September 25, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Watch your step this week, because another Symbiote is on the loose and it's looking for someone to whet its appetite. After connecting with the new Klyntar on the block, strap in for an event courtesy of Doom, fantastic Blitzes, and a red hot returning Legendary Event. Now, prepare for your first contact with S.T.R.I.K.E.'s newest Symbiote...


Corrupt the battlefield with the Symbiote team's upcoming new member: Scream! A spawn of the Venom alien Symbiote, Scream is a bloodthirsty parasite that bonded with a mentally unstable soldier of fortune, and has spent much of her time on Earth terrorizing its top heroes. Much like Venom, Scream possesses superhuman strength, reflexes, an accelerated healing factor, and a form of ESP similar to Spider-Man's Spider Sense. For the Symbiote team, Scream is a Controller who silences enemies by applying Bleed, Disrupted, and Slow, as well as Healing all Symbiote allies when any character is eliminated from a battle.

Make enemies shriek with Scream:

Traits: Villain, City, Bio, Controller, Symbiote

Basic - Symbiote Swipes

  • Attack primary target for damage + apply Bleed + clear 1 positive effect.

  • Chain to 2 adjacent targets for damage + apply Bleed + clear 1 positive effect.

  • This attack can Chain to Stealth targets. Counterattack breaks this Chain.

Special - Splitting Hairs

Energy Cost: 4/4

  • Attack primary target for damage + clear 2 positive effects + apply Offense Down.

  • Chain to 2 adjacent targets for damage + clear 2 positive effects + apply Offense Down.

  • This attack can Chain to Stealth targets. Counterattack breaks this Chain.

Ultimate - Hair Trigger

Energy Cost: 4/6

  • Attack primary target for damage + apply Slow for 2 turns and Disrupted for 1 turn.

  • Attack adjacent targets for damage + apply Slow for 2 turns and Disrupted for 1 turn.

  • Reduce Speed Bar for primary and secondary targets.

  • This attack cannot be Blocked (but it can still be Dodged).

Passive - Symbiotic Attachment

  • On Death of any Character, heal all SYMBIOTE allies for a percentage of this character’s Max Health + apply Speed Up for 2 turns to self and all SYMBIOTE allies.

  • If this character has 3 or more SYMBIOTE allies, lower all enemies' Resistance by a %.

One of your first chances to merge Scream with your roster will be in the Parasitic Intentions Event Campaign. Assemble a top team with the limited-time Metamorphosis trait to join Scream as she fulfills her end of an ominous pact with Doom: gathering her alien siblings for Doom's army in exchange for his help to control her Symbiote powers. For the complete list of characters using the Metamorphosis trait, filter your roster using: Metamorphosis.

Pose2 2

Doom's Influence

Doctor Doom is still en route to Nexus Earth, but he's already launched a mystical assault! To counter his attack, S.T.R.I.K.E. is temporarily moving character shards to new strategic locations -- including Captain Marvel, who is making her Campaign node debut. Here's a rundown of all the affected nodes with the new characters in bold:

Heroes 1-9: Yondu to Hawkeye

Heroes 2-3: Shield Medic to Mysterio

Heroes 2-6: Bullseye to Yondu

Heroes 3-6: Shield Security to Captain America

Heroes 3-9: Elektra to Shocker

Heroes 4-9: Nebula to Bullseye

Heroes 6-6: Hawkeye to Quake

Heroes 6-9: Captain America to Captain Marvel

Villains 1-3: Bullseye to Elektra

Villains 1-9: Hawkeye to Black Widow

Villains 2-3: Hydra Sniper to Green Goblin

Nexus 3-9: Elektra to Vision

Cosmic 2-3: Kree Cyborg to Hydra Sniper

The characters originally on those nodes have either been moved or were a duplicate instance.

We've also lowered the Star unlocks for Mysterio and Hawkeye. Mysterio will now unlock at 2-Stars (45 shards) and Hawkeye will unlock at 1-Star (15 shards).

Take advantage of Doom's influence while you can. 

Returning Legendary Event

You just can't keep a mythical bird down! Rising from her own ashes once again is Phoenix for her upcoming Legendary Event: Phoenix Rising. To recruit this explosive Mutant, you'll need a team of Villain, Mystic, Controller characters, which includes: Hela, Hand Assassin, Loki, Mordo, Nobu, and Ronan. Recruit Phoenix and show enemies what it's like to be buried in ash.

Upcoming Blitzes

Punch holes through enemy lines with your choice of fists or an optic blast with this week's Blitzes. Ben Grimm, a.k.a. The Thing, charges into Blitz first with the Clobberin’ Time Blitz. Crush enemy teams and reinforce this rock-hard Brawler with character shards. Opening eyes next is Cyclops in the X-Leader Blitz, where character shards for the X-Men's fearless leader are up for grabs. Don't miss out and make sure Scott Summers is ready for the arrival of Phoenix.

Chaos Theory & Wakanda Nation

Prepare your Wakandans for Chaos Theory with the upcoming Wakanda Nation event. During the event, the following Campaign nodes will reward double character shards for Wakandans:

Black Panther: Nexus 4-9

Okoye: Nexus 6-3

Then unleash your Wakandans in Chaos Theory where you can earn Silver and Gold Promotion Credits.

The bell is ringing on the blog for this week.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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