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The Electro K.O.
August 28, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

There's an electrical storm heading your way this week with a new Blaster who's poised to send a power surge through your roster. We've also got opportunities to spark fun including a snappy returning Legendary Event, a Blitz sponsored by Hydra, and bonus shard events for your Wakandans and Inhumans. Watch your hands in our first section, because the content is… shocking!


Charge up the battlefield with Electro, the Sinister Six's newest member! After a lab experiment involving the original Electro went awry, Francine Frye absorbed all of the electric villain’s abilities. Endowed with newfound powers and a thirst for villainy, Francine took up the alias of Electro. She has the ability to generate electrostatic energy, which Electro can harness in the form of bolt projectiles, self-defense, and even transportation. Electro slots into the Sinister Six team as a Blaster who fries targets or entire teams for Piercing damage and Offense Down. She gains additional Piercing damage with each Charge, and when possessing 5 stacks of Charge, Electro attacks the most-injured enemy at the end of a turn. 

For a breakdown of her electrifying abilities, check out this video (English only):

Black and Ebony

Your next chance to recruit Ebony Maw, the Black Order's Legendary character, is coming soon with the “Black and Ebony” Legendary event. For a shot at this black-tongued general, you must assemble a team consisting of Black Bolt and four other Inhumans. A complete Black Order team grants Thanos all six Infinity Stones and empowers Thanos with new abilities, so assembling this entire team is sure to cause nightmares for your opponents. And as a reminder, Tier 6 of Black and Ebony doesn't require Black Bolt and Inhumans to play. Get first-hand experience battling with a full Black Order team and feel the power of Thanos's thumb and index finger as you snap away your enemies. Start leveling and gearing up your Inhumans, because Ebony Maw's event arrives soon!

Proving Grounds

VS Battle will be seeing some exciting new features and events in the coming weeks. With the Version 4.3 release, VS Battle will now include Matchmaking, which automatically pairs you with another Commander for a featured game mode: Balanced Draft, Classic Draft, or the new Quick Match. We’re still fine-tuning Matchmaking, so keep in mind that adjustments for Matchmaking could come in the future. The Quick Match game mode will forgo a draft and immediately release your selected team into a battle against another Commander.

To usher in Matchmaking and Quick Play, we’ll be holding Proving Grounds milestones where you face off against other Commanders in VS Battle to earn points and reap rewards. Points can only be earned when you enter a VS Battle via Matchmaking, so keep that in mind if you’d like to challenge a friend directly. During designated weeks, we’ll feature a different VS Battle mode in Matchmaking, and then activate the milestones. The first Proving Grounds milestones will begin soon, so be on the lookout for a future blog and inbox with the exact dates. The milestone rewards will include an assortment of Gold Orb Fragments, Red Star Orb Fragments, and Ability Materials, so be sure to throw your hat in the VS Battle ring.

Please feel free to share your feedback with us on the new feature enhancements.

Blitz Orb Update

X-Force's Domino has a new home in the Blitz Orb where she'll be a Blitz Orb exclusive with an increased drop rate of 10%. She won't be available for purchase in the store at this time, so be sure to try and grab her shards in the Blitz Orb to prepare for the Doctor Octopus Legendary Event.

Upcoming Blitzes

Villainy reigns supreme in this week's Blitzes, which stars a feral Marauder and the new face of Hydra. On deck first: Claw your way to Sabretooth character shards in the Vicious Hunter Blitz. The first day will be a 24-hour Quarter Blitz where Blitz Charges will be capped at 25 per team and will not scale up the more a character is used. Be sure to take advantage and enhance your Marauder team with this mauling Mutant. 

Next up is the newly arrived Son of Evil Blitz featuring Baron Zemo. This will kick off our new reward structure for Blitzes featuring new characters. In addition to character shards, the first Blitz for a new character will reward Mega Orb Fragments, and the second Blitz (typically scheduled a week later) will reward the Red Star version of that character*. Take advantage of these new rewards while scooping up tons of shards for Baron Zemo.

Bonus & Flash Events

Wakanda Nation & Chaos Theory

Prepare your Wakandans for the Chaos Theory Flash Event with the upcoming Wakanda Nation Bonus Event. For a limited time, the following Campaign nodes will reward double character shards for these Wakandans:

Black Panther: Nexus 4-9

Okoye: Nexus 6-3

Then march your newly bolstered Wakandan team into the Chaos Theory Event where you can earn Silver and Gold Promotion Credits.

Terrigen Storm

Just in time for the Black and Ebony Legendary Event is the Terrigen Storm Bonus Event, where you can grab double character shard rewards for Inhumans in the following nodes:

Ms. Marvel: Mystic 2-6

Karnak: Nexus 8-6

Raid Frenzy

Part of our Valuable Lessons Event, school enemies in Raids while enjoying a 20% cost reduction for Raid Energy, Heals, and Revives.

We're powering down the blog for this week, but sure to plug in next Friday for news on all the events swinging your way.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

*Edit to fix incorrect reward

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