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Greetings Commanders,

Sharpen your number two pencil and earn extra credit this week for taking your opponents to school with multiple events that reward raising your hand… and then lowering it hard on an unsuspecting foe. We’ve also got a Mutant blasting his way into the Raid Store, Blitzes that are sure to steel the show, and a Bonus Event swinging into the Spider-Verse. But first, it’s time to put your roster to the test... 

Valuable Lessons

School is in session for members of S.T.R.I.K.E. this week, and being a bright pupil will mean making your enemies see stars. Stuff your backpack with supplies from the Valuable Lessons milestones and events that are sure to enlighten your roster:

Daily Milestones

For 11 days, fight in Arena, Blitz, and Raid battles with characters possessing the limited-time Mentorship trait to earn points toward daily milestones, which will reward Superior and Advanced gear. Filter your roster (which you can now do in the Squad Select screen) using “Mentorship” to see a complete list of these characters that are considered mentors and/or protegees.

Login Calendar

Get rewarded for perfect attendance by logging in each day to earn Gold Orbs, Gear Credits, and various Gear.

Bonus Events

Quarter Blitz - The cost of reusing characters in Blitz will never exceed 25 Blitz Charges for the entire team (or 5 per character).

Raid Frenzy - 20% cost reduction for Raid Energy, Heals, and Revives in Raids

4.3 Blitz Improvements

We gave a sneak peek in our 2020 Preview Blog at the updates coming to Blitz, and with the changes on the way next week, we’d like to go over the improvements again. These adjustments will go into effect starting with Baron Mordo’s Dark Arts Blitz.

The first update you’ll notice is that we’re limiting the number of chargeless attacks for characters to 8 per 24-hour period with 2 hours between each refresh. This is meant to allow more flexibility in your day when you’re making a run at the top spot by choosing when to use the limited number of attacks.

Next, we’ve improved the reward structure for multi-day character Blitzes. The only numbered rank rewards will be the top 100 players, and players in the top percentile brackets will earn more shards than they currently do. So most players should see more character shard rewards.

We’ve also updated the point calculations. Winning matches is now much more valuable in terms of points awarded. As a result, we’re slightly reducing the points awarded when taking on very powerful opponents. The intention here is to reward opponent selection, team construction, and battle strategy to place less emphasis on easily steamrolling teams with a high TCP roster.

We hope you enjoy these updates and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Raid Store Updates

The Blackbird has dropped off the Raid Store’s newest addition: Cyclops. We’ve also added another three additional slots, with one reserved for characters and the other two for Orange Gear. Don’t miss out on character shards for this explosive X-Men Blaster and Orange Gear!

Upcoming Blitzes

Add a touch of mystic and metal to your squad in this week’s Blitzes. Baron Mordo flies into action first in the Dark Arts Blitz, where you can transport his character shards from the astral realm to your roster. And up next is the Heavy Metal Blitz where you can weld shards to Colossus and reinforce your X-Men team with this steely Protector.

Tangled Web

Prepare for the royal arrival of Shuri and her Legendary Event with the Tangled Web bonus event. Bond with double character shard rewards for Spider-Verse characters in these Campaign nodes:

Venom: Nexus 6-9

Shocker: Cosmic 1-9

Green Goblin: Nexus 5-6

Class dismissed! We’ll be back again next week with details on our upcoming Legendary Event. Until then…

Good luck, Commanders!

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