The Human Hive
August 13, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

There’s a buzz in the air with the Legendary Doctor Octopus on the way, and this week that news will be sweeter than honey with the next Sinister Six member making a beeline to battle. We also have a returning Wakandan Legendary Event, a sparkly new character entering the milestones, and Blitzes featuring new blood. But first, break out the baking soda, because you might get stung...


Infesting the battlefield next is Swarm, the human hive! While performing a sinister experiment, Fritz von Meyer was engulfed by a stinging swarm of bees. Although he didn’t survive the attack, Meyer’s consciousness was absorbed into the bees, creating the villain Swarm. His body is composed of millions of bees, which grant him increased strength, along with the ability to change shape and size. 

For the Sinister Six, Swarm is a Controller who stings enemies with Disrupted, Drain, and bonus attacks. Much like how a beehive’s strength is in its numbers, Swarm’s strength lies in his stacks of Charge: He gains Dodge Chance per Charge, and heals himself each turn when Charged. However, when out of Charge, Swarm hits himself for big damage. But don’t worry, because his Sinister Six leader, Doctor Octopus, supplies a bevy of Charges to keep this unbeelievable Controller pollinating the battlefield with destruction.

For a first look at Doctor Octopus’s kit, check out this week’s episode of Strike Time

Wax enemies with this buzzsaw:

Traits: Villain, City, Bio, Controller, Spider-Verse, Sinister Six

Basic - Bee Ball

  • Attack primary target for damage + Drain.

  • Rebound Chain to 2 adjacent targets for damage + apply Drain.

  • If Charged, lose 1 Charged. If not Charged, attack self for damage. 

Special - Bee Scream

  • Energy Cost: 4/4

  • Attack primary target for damage + apply Disrupted.

  • If the primary target has Disrupted, Bonus Attack for damage + apply Defense Down.

  • If the primary target has Defense Down, Bonus Attack for damage + apply Slow.

  • If Charged, lose 1 Charged. If not Charged, attack self for damage.

Ultimate - Bee Gone

  • Energy Cost: 3/5

  • Attack all enemies for damage + apply 2 Bleed for 2 turns.

  • If Charged, lose 1 Charged. If not Charged, attack self for damage.

Passive - Buzzkill

  • On Spawn, gain +4 Charged.

  • On Turn, if Charged, heal for a percentage of this character's Max Health and flip 2 negative effects to positive effects.

  • Gain + Dodge chance per Charged

One of your first chances to recruit Swarm will be during his Event Campaign, “One of Many,” where you’ll need to assemble a top squad made up of characters with the limited-time Rogue Agent trait. Join Swarm as he attempts to infiltrate a secret Hydra compound to free Electro and Doctor Octopus from the clutches of Red Skull. For the complete list of characters using the Rogue Agent trait, filter your roster using: “Rogue Agent.”

Recurring Milestones Update

Entering the milestone rewards next will be the White Queen herself, Emma Frost. Just like the previous iterations, fight in battles, and spend Campaign Energy and Gold to earn Emma Frost character shards by hitting milestones. Similar to the Spider-Man (Symbiote) iteration, Emma Frost will be featured in the Recurring Milestone for about 4 weeks before being taken out and then returning a short time later. In the High Roller Milestone, we’ve added an additional milestone tier and also replaced the 5 T4 Ability Materials with 8 Superior Basic Catalysts Parts in that milestone. The Emma Frost milestones begin August 19, 5:00PM (PDT), so get ready for a fierce fight in the name of this Mutant Villain.

Max Health % in Raid Battles

In the next game update, we’ll be fixing an issue that requires some explanation, so we want to get ahead of the patch notes on this topic.

There has been an issue regarding Raid nodes where, upon exiting a battle, a character might lose Health points even if the character ended the battle showing full Health. This problem would occur with some characters that received some type of Max Health bonus, even more so if the bonus came from other characters. For example: Rhino’s passive ability, Rhino Hide, gives him percentage-based bonus Max Health per Sinister Six ally.

We’ll be updating the game code in the next version to more accurately identify a character’s percentage-based Max Health when ending a battle, and thus have the correct number of Health points when entering the next battle.

Returning Legendary Event

Taking a break from Wakanda’s R&D workshop for her upcoming Legendary Event, “Princess and the Symbiote,” is Shuri, Wakanda’s Legendary member. You’ll need a 5-star Spider-Verse team for a shot at recruiting this Support specialist. Shuri anchors the Wakandan team by fueling Wakandan allies with Defense Up, Ability Energy, and Charges, while also revitalizing them with powerful Heals. Despite Wakanda’s motto, this event won’t be around forever, so don’t miss it!

Upcoming Blitzes

Create the ultimate Young Avengers team and bolster Hydra with this week’s Blitzes. Spider-Man (Miles) swings into Blitz first with the Kid Arachnid Blitz that slings Spider-Man (Miles) character shard rewards. And up next is Hydra’s red-headed leader, Red Skull, in the Hail Hydra! Blitz. Show your allegiance to Hydra by defeating other players’ teams and grabbing piles of Red Skull character shards.

Calling All Agents

Fortify your favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. members in the upcoming Calling All Agents Bonus Event. Earn double character shard rewards in the following Campaign nodes:

Captain America: Heroes 6-9 & Nexus 1-3
Black Widow: Heroes 7-3
Hawkeye: Heroes 6-6 & Villains 1-9
S.H.I.E.L.D. Security: Heroes 3-6
S.H.I.E.L.D. Assault: Nexus 2-3
S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic: Heroes 2-3 & Villains 1-6
S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative: Heroes 4-3
S.H.I.E.L.D. Trooper: Villains 4-3

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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