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August 12, 2022

Greetings Commanders,

Techno Future Events

Vision of Tomorrow

Eventcampaign Vivvision Storeorb Eco W Logo

Prepare your roster for the future on August 14th at 5:00PM (PDT) with the Vision of Tomorrow Event. Earn S.H.I.E.L.D. character shards and Techno Future progress with this limited-time event that runs in conjunction with Viv Vision's "Life Cycle" Event Campaign:

Vision of Tomorrow Milestone - 8/14

Score points toward this 7-day milestone by opening Iron-Willed Orbs from the Life Cycle Event Campaign and the Vessel of Victory Milestones, and by spending Power Cores. Earn rewards to upgrade your roster including:

  • Viv Vision Gear
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. character shards
  • Adamantium Arm
  • Relay-Circuits
  • 5 Red Star for Vision
  • And more!
Vision Of Tomorrow Rewards Chart

Vessel of Victory Milestone - 8/14

Milestone Augustvictoryblueprint Banner W Logo

Blitz to rack up points toward this 2-day milestone that takes place three times in succession (6 days total). You'll earn more points with the limited-time Iron-Willed trait characters equipped with Gear Tier 13+. Rewards include Iron-Willed Orbs and more!

Blitz Win: 60 pts

Blitz Win w/ Iron-Willed trait: +60 pts

Blitz Win w/ Iron-Willed trait GT 13+: +30 pts

Blitz Win w/ Iron-Willed trait GT 15+: +30 pts

Vessel Of Victory Milestone Rewards Chart

Artificial Emulation Web Milestone - 8/14

Head to the Web Milestones page (log into the website first) for even more rewards! Spend Campaign Energy (not including Iso-8 Campaign Energy) to hit a daily milestone that rewards Legacy III Orb Fragments, Silver Promotion Credits, and Gold Orb Fragments.

Artificial Emulation Milestone Chart

Coordinated Assault

Coordinated Assault Banner W Logo

Band together with your Alliance in the name of Iso-8 resources on August 18th at 5:00PM (PDT) with the second run of Coordinated Assault. Spend Iso-8 Campaign Energy to earn points (1 Energy = 1 point) toward a 7-day Alliance Milestone that rewards T2 Level 1 Ions, T1 Ions, and Relay-Circuits for progress in Techno Future.

Coordinated Assault Milestone Rewards Chart

Cyber Security - Heroes for Hire

Booting up on August 18th at 5:00PM (PDT) is Cyber Security, the next Quick Rumble Blitz, and the featured trait this time will be Heroes for Hire.

Score wins through either Blitz and/or Blitz Sim (40pts) to earn points toward the Cyber Security Milestone, which rewards Relay-Circuits, Blitz Credits, Basic Orbs, Legacy I Orbs, Legacy II Orbs, and Mega Orb Fragments. Accelerate your progress through the milestones by winning with characters who possess the Hero for Hire trait at 5 Stars (1,300pts) or go even faster with those characters at 7 Stars (2,950pts).

New Advanced Options

The days of Raid, Arena, and War losses due to distractions come to an end today with the introduction of Inactivity Autoplay. These new Advanced Options will trigger when you're inactive for 20 seconds during a battle in Raids, Arena, and War. Starting today (August 12th) at 5:00PM (PDT), you can turn on the following Advanced Options:

Combat inactivity triggers Autoplay in Raids after 20 seconds

When triggering Autoplay from inactivity (in Raids), use Basic-Only Autoplay

Combat inactivity triggers Autoplay in Arena after 20 seconds

Combat inactivity triggers Autoplay in War after 20 seconds

Head to Options > Advanced Options to activate these today!

S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass

Season 19 of S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass starts on August 17th at 5:00PM (PDT) and this season completing your Daily Objectives can create a little bit of magic. The featured rewards for the upcoming season are Nico Minoru character shards and bits to purchase her "Runaways" costume. Keep an eye out for the start of Season 19 and get big rewards just by completing your Daily Objectives.

Character Availability

On August 18th at 5:00PM (PDT), Sunfire and Mighty Thor are entering the Supplies Store, Ultimus Orb, Basic Orb, Premium Orb, and Mega Orb. In the Mega Orb, they'll be replacing Yellowjacket and Yelena Belova.

Red Star Availability

Reach new heights with the power of Red Stars with these upcoming updates. Direct Red Star promotions for Dazzler and Gambit will become available starting on August 16th at 5:00PM (PDT) in the Elite Store. You'll be able to promote Dazzler and Gambit one Red Star higher than their current rank using Silver and Gold Promotion Credits.

Weekly Events

Seeing Double Blitz

  • Start Date: August 14th at 5:00PM (PDT)
  • Rewards: Multiple Man character shards

Quick Rumble - Heroes for Hire

  • Start Date: August 18th at 5:00PM (PDT)
  • Rewards: Blitz Orbs, Gold, Legacy Orbs, Basic Catalyst Parts, and Raid Health Packs

Chaos Theory Flash Event

  • Start Date: August 19 at 5:00PM (PDT)
  • Required characters: Wakandan
  • Rewards: Silver and Gold Promotion Credits

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

**Please note that the information in this blog is subject to change before going live in the game.**

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