The Next Legend
July 24, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

A new MARVEL Strike Force legend is born this week as one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes begins to arm himself for the battle ahead. And if anyone is feeling blue, we’ve got Blitzes (and a Mutant) just for you, along with events to bolster your Brotherhood, X-Men, Wakandans, and Promotion Credits. But first -- drumroll please -- our newest Legendary character is...

New Legendary Character

Career criminals rejoice, because Doctor Octopus, Legendary leader of the Sinister Six, is suiting up! You won’t need to give your right tentacle to get Doc Ock, but you will need an elite Mutant blackops team: five X-Force members at 5 Stars, including new recruits Domino, X-23, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. This superior Support specialist is slated to arrive in September, so start preparing your squad.

As a preview of what Dr. Otto Octavius brings to the table: he’ll be the linchpin that unites the Sinister Six faction in combat. Doctor Octopus will have the ability to summon a character with the Sinister Six trait that hasn’t yet been part of the battle. So, if you start the battle with Doc Ock and four other Sinister Six members, he will summon the 6th and complete the sextet.


Upcoming Blitzes

When the battle gets hairy, send in the characters featured in this week’s Blitzes. First up is the Full Salvo Blitz where you can mow down character shards for War Machine, the Power Armor team’s human railgun. And up next is the Azure Animal Blitz with one of your first chances to recruit Beast, the test tube-tossing, Mutant-mending Support for the X-Men.

Chaos Theory & Wakanda Nation

Back for its monthly appearance is Chaos Theory, where you’ll lead your Wakandan team through missions to earn Silver and Gold Promotion Credits. You'll need at least 4 Wakandans to enter missions 1-3 and the Star requirement increases by one for each mission. For missions 4-7, a complete 5-Wakandan team is required.

Prep your Wakandans for the Chaos Theory Flash Event with the upcoming Wakanda Nation Bonus Event, where the following Campaign nodes will reward double character shards for Wakandans:

Black Panther: Nexus 4-9

Okoye: Nexus 6-3

Gifted Gathering

Prepare for the arrival of Magneto’s Legendary Event, Asteroid M, with Gifted Gathering where you can earn 2x character shards in Campaign nodes featuring Brotherhood or X-Men:

Colossus: Heroes 7-9

Mystique: Villains 5-6

Psylocke: Cosmic 3-6

Storm: Mystic 2-3

Until next time…

Good luck, Commander!

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