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July 23, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

If your roster is feeling blue, seeing red, or is just green with envy, read on because this week we're revealing how to power up your characters with more Orange than ever before. We'll also be revealing a new trait option for our upcoming Gamma Raids, Blitzes that'll sting if you miss them, and weekly events to put shards and Catalysts in your hands.

Ability Materials Updates

As S.T.R.I.K.E.'s roster has increased, so has the need for more Ability Materials to power up your characters. To help you earn more T4 Ability Materials, we'll be updating the rewards for Raids and Alliance War. Depending on your Alliance's activity level, you should be earning between 60-190 more T4 Ability Materials per season. Here are the updates that are on the way:

Raid & Alliance War Season Rank Rewards

Rank Rewards for Raids will include 100% of all Raid participants and everyone outside of the top 5% will earn more T4 Ability Materials. The end result will be an additional 5 to 40 more T4 Ability Materials per Season.

On the Alliance War side, Rank Rewards will also now include 100% of all Alliance War participants and everyone outside of the top 10% will earn more T4 Ability Materials. The Alliance War updates will result in 20 to 50 additional T4 Ability Materials per Season.

Ultimus VII & Doom I

We've also updated the Raid Completion Rewards for Ultimus VII and Doom I. All T4 Ability Materials rewards now match those of the top damage contributor, rewarding 30 to 90 additional T4 Ability Materials per Season.

Gamma Raids Update

The Heroes for Hire team is already making an impact in Alliance War Helicarriers, and soon you'll have the opportunity to flex their might in Gamma Raids. Starting their next run, any Gamma Raids III and IV node that required the Defenders trait will now also allow the Heroes for Hire trait. This is an additive update and no other trait restrictions will be changed.

Upcoming Blitzes

Don't miss our upcoming Blitzes featuring characters who help bring the firepower to their respective teams. Generating buzz first on July 26th at 5PM is the Sharp Sting Blitz, featuring Yellowjacket. Pester enemy teams in battle to earn tons of character shards for this powerful Pym Tech Blaster. And then immediately up next on July 29th at 5PM is the first run of the Deputy Director Blitz, which rewards shards for Maria Hill. Take advantage of one of your first opportunities to earn tons of Maria Hill character shards and start bolstering your Secret Avengers team.

Bonus & Flash Events

Black Bolt's Legendary Event is heading your way soon, so it's time to power up your team of Asgardians. Starting July 25th at 5PM, enjoy double shard payouts in Campaign Nodes for your Asgardian characters with the 4 Asgard Bonus Event. Filter your roster using the trait Asgardian to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes/locations.

Then appearing out of a puff of smoke on July 30th at 5PM is the Relic Hunt Flash Event, where you can rack up Catalyst Parts by sending your Hand team into battle. If you need to strengthen your Hand Team, forgo the help of the Beast and opt for the "Need a Hand?" Event. For 24 hours, the number of Hand character shards rewarded in Campaigns will be doubled from 2 to 4. Filter your roster using the trait Hand to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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