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Greetings Commanders,

The Gamma Team

Try not to rip your shirts with excitement and get ready to meet a squad of Gamma Radiation-infused Heroes and Villains who will not disappoint in the category of, “smash everything in sight.” The new Gamma team will wreak havoc in War with their seemingly endless Max Health, Regeneration, and their impressive Damage. You’ll get exactly what you would expect from a team with more than one version of Hulk!

The full Gamma team (five characters) will be required to eventually unlock the mighty Apocalypse, so let’s dive in and discuss the essential details.

The War Horseman: Red Hulk

Leading the charge of the Gamma team is the War Horseman, Red Hulk! While we aren’t revealing his full kit today, we do want to tell you about a brand-new ability coming to the game for the first time, Battlefield Effects! Because of the long-lasting effects of Gamma radiation, Red Hulk will be able to inflict a new visual effect that even persists after death!

For the War Scourge Event, the final two traits for Difficulty 5+ on Nodes 5 & 10 have been revealed:

  • Ravager
  • Wave 1 - Avenger

We’ll have more information on Red Hulk, Battlefield Effects, and the War Scourge Event in the near future but for now, let’s meet the rest of the team…


A former special-ops commander of the British Royal Marines, Emil Blonsky was recruited by Thaddeus Ross to help capture the Hulk. Blonsky was injected with a variant of the Super-Soldier Serum and transfused with Banner's Gamma-irradiated blood. The mixture caused him to undergo severe mental and physical deterioration, making him overly aggressive and transforming him into the Hulk-sized Abomination! As Abomination, Blonsky is not only over 11ft tall, but he possesses superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, and a Healing factor.

Abomination is a Global Brawler who can apply Stun and Defense down. He gives the Gamma team Drain, more health, flips positive effects on his enemies, and hits hard. Despite his damage dealing, he also applies debuffs, crippling them before giving them their final smash. Of course like the rest of his team, he heals every turn, making him especially tanky. With Gamma allies, he gains 30% Focus for each Gamma ally, making his status flips and debuffs very hard to resist.

Traits: Villain, Global, Bio, Brawler, Gamma

Basic - Furious Swipes

  • Attack primary target for 250% Piercing + clear Defense Up + apply Defense Down.
  • Chain to 1 adjacent target for 200% Piercing + clear Defense Up + apply Defense Down.
  • Counterattack breaks this Chain.

Special - Deafening Clap

  • Energy Cost: 4/4
  • Attack all enemies for 250% Piercing + clear Defense Up + apply Offense Down for 2 turns and Defense Down for 2 turns.
  • Gain +100% Extra Focus against targets with Defense Down.
  • Gain +100% Crit Chance against targets with Defense Down or Defense Up.
  • This attack cannot be blocked.

Ultimate - Pulverize

  • Energy Cost: 4/4
  • Attack primary target for 600% damage + flip all Evade and Deflect + apply Defense Down and Stun.
  • This attack cannot be blocked or dodged.
  • On War Defense, this attacks the enemy with the highest Focus instead of the primary target, ignoring Taunt.

Passive - Grotesque Rage

  • On Turn, heal self for 20% of his character's Max Health.
  • On Turn, flip 1 random positive effect on all enemies with any positive effects.
  • Gain +30% Max Health.
  • Gain +30% Drain.
  • Gain +30% Focus for each GAMMA ally.
  • GAMMA allies gain +30% Max Health.
  • GAMMA allies gain +30% Drain.


Amadeus Cho is a Korean-American born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. His parents had a passion for historical names and named him after Mozart, as he was an exceptionally gifted child showing genius intellect at an early age. At fifteen years old, Amadeus entered a quiz show called Brain Fight. To his parents' joy, he easily won, but that bliss was short-lived. The person who organized the quiz game was Pythagoras Dupree whose aim was to search the world for other people whose intellect might rival his own and eliminate them as potential rivals. Dupree had his men attack Amadeus’ house, killing his parents but Amadeus himself escaped.

By the time the agents found Amadeus, he had encountered the Hulk, who volunteered to protect him. Sometime later, Amadeus assisted the Hulk, using special nanites to absorb the Hulk’s powers and becoming a Gamma-powered monster known as Totally Awesome Hulk. Amadeus prided himself on being a better and smarter Hulk but learning to control his rage was easier said than done. He eventually embraced his darker persona and ended up retaining a portion of his powers permanently. He took on the Hero name Brawn.

Brawn is known more for his smarts than his brawn. He uses this heightened intelligence to support his Gamma allies in MARVEL Strike Force by clearing positive effects on enemies, increasing Max Health of Gamma allies, and applying offense down with his special ability. He is a true Support character by assisting injured Gamma allies with speed bar, Regeneration, clearing Heal Block, giving Offense Up, and applying Deathproof. Keeping your allies alive is the smart thing to do - it doesn’t take a genius to know that.     

Traits: Hero, Global, Bio, Support, Gamma

Basic - Calculated Strike

  • Attack primary target for 320% damage + apply Offense Down.
  • Apply Regeneration to the most injured GAMMA ally.

Special - Gamma Slamma

  • Energy Cost: 5/5
  • Attack primary and adjacent targets for 250% damage + copy and clear all positive effects, excluding Taunt, from each target.
  • Spread all positive effects, excluding Taunt, from self to all GAMMA allies.
  • In WAR, this attack cannot be blocked.

Ultimate - Showboat

  • Energy Cost: 5/5
  • Attack primary target for 150% damage + Steal 35% Health from the primary target and redistribute 500% of the Health stolen to self and all GAMMA allies. This bypasses Heal Block.
  • Remove all negative effects from self and all GAMMA allies.
  • Apply Immunity to self and all GAMMA allies.
  • This attack's Health Steal ignores Deathproof and passives that trigger when a character drops below a certain Health.

Passive - Mastermind Excello

  • On Turn, heal for 20% of this character's Max Health.
  • At the end of any turn, clear Heal Block on self or a random GAMMA ally that has Heal Block and Regeneration.
  • When this character or any GAMMA ally drops below 50% Health, fill that character's Speed Bar by +15% + apply Offense Up and 3 Deathproof.
  • Gain +30% Max Health.
  • GAMMA allies gain +30% Max Health.
  • In War:
  • > On Spawn, if Hulk is an ally, gain Safeguard and Immunity.
  • > On Spawn, apply Speed Up to self and all GAMMA allies.
  • > On Spawn, On Offense, apply 3 Deflect to self and all GAMMA allies.
  • > Gain +200% Resistance.
  • > GAMMA allies gain +200% Resistance.

Hulk and She-Hulk

The final two members of Gamma are Hulk and She-Hulk, and yes, they will be getting reworks, which will be detailed in the release notes for the upcoming Version 6.3. Some of the content creators that cover the game may have some advanced information - go ask your fellow players who their favorites are and be sure to subscribe to them.

Summer of Thunder Events

Bifrost Beach Day

Milestone Asgardianblitz Inboxbanner Marvel Logo

The next Quick Rumble strikes Blitz on July 28th at 5:00PM (PDT) in the form of Bifrost Beach Day, which features Asgardians. The Milestone will reward Mjolnir Fragments, Orange Gear, Teal Gear, and fragments for Armory 15 and Armory 16 Orbs, as you score, wins through either Blitz or Blitz Sim (40 points). You can work through the milestones more efficiently by winning with characters who have the featured trait at 5 Stars (1,840 points) and even faster with those characters at 7 Stars (4,120 points).

Bifrost Beach Day Quick Rumble Blitz

Event Campaign: Valkyrie

Eventcampaign Valkyrie 1920x1080

Prepare to suit up with the beautiful and deadly Valkyrie on July 23rd at 5:00PM (PDT) in the upcoming event campaign, “Hammer of the Gods.” Thor Odinson is missing! Valkyrie and Mighty Thor hitch a ride with Star-Lord T’Challa to go to Thor who is on a party-wide planet hosted by an alternate dimension Dormammu!

This event will once again feature the new Heroic Difficulty, which will require at least five characters with the limited-time "Party Animal" trait. The Heroic Difficulty will reward Teal Gear and completing a Heroic Difficulty mission will automatically earn First Time Rewards for both the Hard and Heroic Difficulties. Don't miss your chance to score Valkyrie shards and recruit this amazing Warrior into your Hero Asgardian team and watch her passive ability turn the tide of battle! 

Bifrost Beach Day Milestone Rewards

Pestilence Scourge Returns

Morganlefay Blog 2

It’s time to reap more Morgan Le Fay character shards. Prepare yourself for this event that will drop on July 27th at 5:00PM (PDT). Get your Web-Warriors and Dark Hunters leveled and geared for Nodes 5 and 10 on Difficulty 5+. We will supply a chart to detail the payout rewards, so be sure to check that out.

Several things to note:

  • For accounts that already have 810 Morgan Le Fay characters shards, you will be moved to the separated Victor’s Leaderboard. There will be different Milestone Rewards that do not include Morgan Le Fay character shards. The Victor’s Leaderboard doesn’t contain any Ranked Rewards, but it does give you a place where you can flex your high score.
  • As this is the second run of the event, the first-time-run rewards will not be present.

Gear Tier 17

The next level of power is nearly here! Gear Tier 17 is arriving with the forthcoming Version 6.3 and will be a critical component in the Horseman Sagas and eventually unlocking Apocalypse. There will be many ways right out of the gate to start earning gear and bolstering your roster.

Gt17 Mlf

Cosmic Crucible will be one of your primary sources of Gear Tier 17. Players at level 85 and above will see new slots added to the Cosmic Crucible Supplies that will have a dedicated slot for GT17 mini-unique pieces, and five slots for Teal Origin pieces, one per origin.

Cc Store

Next in the Raid Orbs store, there will be a new Teal Elite Raid Orb that contains GT17 pieces. The primary method of earning fragments for this new orb will be through the new Doom Raid III (see below).

Heading over to the Main Supplies store, there will be limited availability of GT17 in the right-most dedicated Teal Gear slot. Please note that the prices for GT17 will be higher per piece than the GT16 pieces.


In the Main Orbs Store will be a new Armory 17 Orb. In the coming weeks and months, there will be many opportunities to earn fragments for this orb through limited-time events and purchase them through select offers. 

Be sure to check in regularly for more information on how to get these valuable GT17 infusions.

Doom Raid III

The Doctor is always in, this time with a new iteration of his challenging Raids. Doom Raid III will be available in the upcoming Version 6.3 and bring a new level of challenge. Doom Raid III will generally be harder by one Difficulty level over Doom Raid II. For example, Normal Difficulty on Doom Raid III will be on par with Difficulty 1 of Doom Raid II. 



The minimum requirements to battle in the nodes include Iso-8 Blue Level 3, with the highest Difficulty requiring Level 4. It’s also recommended that characters be at Level 90 and 5+ Red Stars for higher difficulties.


New rewards include fragments for the new forthcoming Teal Elite Orb, which contains Gear Tier 16 and 17 mini-unique pieces. When the feature launches, it’s anticipated that players will earn fragments based on this completion rate:

  • 30% Completion: enough fragments for half of a Teal Elite Orb
  • 60% Completion: enough fragments for one Teal Elite Orb
  • 100% Completion: enough fragments for one and a half Teal Elite Orbs

Reaching 30%+ completion on higher difficulties will award additional Teal Elite Orb fragments. Additionally, Purple Ability Materials are being added as rank rewards in previous versions of the Doom Raids. (Doom III will also award Purple Ability Materials.)

Cosmic Crucible Leagues

The much-anticipated Leagues feature is coming in like a meteor with Version 6.3 and will aid the Living Tribunal with their judgements. Your League placement will be based on your Tribunal Rating, with six possible placements (in ascending order):

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master

Increasing your League ranking will increase your rewards payout at the end of the Cosmic Crucible. Be sure to check out your League status in Version 6.3 and start strategizing your path to Master ranking!

Save The World (Streak) Update

We will be updating the Save the World (Streak) Milestone for players level 85 and above in the near future. We are adding 24 Superior Basic Catalyst Parts and will be replacing the Basic T2 Iso-8 Orb Fragments with T2 Iso-8 Credits. 

New Origin Challenges

The improvements keep coming in Version 6.3 with the addition of Difficulty 4 and Difficulty 5 of the Challenges featuring origin gear.

The minimum requirements for Difficulty 4 of each Challenge include the related origin traits and have Iso-8 Blue Level 2 equipped. The requirements for Difficulty 5 also include Iso-8 Blue Level 3 to be equipped.

It is recommended that characters be at least at Level 85+, 7 Yellow Stars, 4 Red Stars, Gear Tier 15+, max ability levels, and have a full 25% Stark Tech bonus.

S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass: Season 18

Get your Voodoo on with character shards through the upcoming S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass Season 18. Starting on July 20th at 5:00PM (PDT), complete your Daily Objectives to earn Doctor Voodoo character shards and bolster this Dark Hunter Support.

Weekly Events

Human Weapon Blitz

  • Start Date: July 24th at 5:00PM (PDT)
  • Reward: Shang-Chi character shards

Chaos Theory Flash Event

  • Start Date: July 22th at 5:00PM (PDT)
  • Rewards: Silver and Gold Promotion Credits
  • Required characters: Wakandan

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

**Please note that the information in this blog is subject to change before going live in the game.**

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