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Greetings Commanders,

More Gold!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be infusing a significant increase to the amount of Gold available to all levels of players in the coming weeks. There will be two rollouts of changes to the Gold economy that will include a max grand total (at the top end) of approximately 8,100,000 Gold per month.

In the first rollout, we want to directly address player feedback from this year concerning character roster progression feeling sluggish. In the next version 5.5, you will see:

  • Daily Objectives will have an increase in rewards of 103,000 Gold per day, which will total approximately 3,000,000 Gold per month
  • Of this 103K per day, 70K of it will be added to the S.T.R.I.K.E. Initiative Daily Objectives
  • By competing in all available Alliance Wars, through the War Completion rewards, players will earn an additional 1,920,000 Gold per month (assuming a 50% win rate). Specifically, winning a War earns you 200k more Gold and losing a War will earn you 120k more Gold.

There will be a second rollout not too far behind the first one, which will include the rest of the amount to get to 8.1M Gold per month. There isn’t a date set for this second rollout yet as it will happen around the same time as the increase to Player Level and Gear Tier. The team is planning ahead to ensure that when these caps increase, players will continue to be able to make meaningful progression to their roster.

We understand that character progression is one of the cornerstones of what makes Marvel Strike Force so much fun. Going forward, we will be reviewing player roster progression more frequently than before to ensure that we can respond quickly to your needs and the ever-changing meta game.

Origin Challenges

A few weeks back, we introduced the upcoming Origin Challenges, which will reward gear for each of the Origin traits. There was a delay in publishing the updates, but these gear challenges kick off on July 7th with the version 5.5 release.

As a reminder, you'll need to assemble teams for each of the five Origin traits, all equipped with Iso-8, in order to earn tons of Purple and Orange origin gear. Here are the new Challenges and their requirements:

Original Biofuel - Requires 5 Bio characters

Original Mutagens - Requires 5 Mutant characters

Original Alchemy - Requires 5 Mystic characters

Original Expertise - Requires 5 Skill characters

Original Industry - Requires 5 Tech characters

Each Challenge appears twice a week -- once per weekday with all active on Saturdays -- and requires the following Iso-8 on characters:

Difficulty 1: T1 Level 3+

Difficulty 2: T1 Level 4+

Difficulty 3: T1 Level 5+

Character Availability

The first Wednesday of the month is coming up, which means we've got characters moving to new locations to open more opportunities to earn shards. Fortify your Astonishing X-Men team with shards for Iceman, who's sliding into Villains 7-9, replacing Ironheart. Ironheart will be headed to the Blitz Store for 500 Blitz Credits.

Returning Legendary Event

The Phoenix Force awakens again soon with the return of the Phoenix Legendary Event, Phoenix Rising on July 12th. To recruit the Legendary Controller for the X-Men, you'll need a top team of Villain, Mystic, Controller characters: Hela, Hand Assassin, Loki, Mordo, Nobu, and/or Ronan. Don't miss your chance to recruit Phoenix and turn your enemies to ash, with no chance of rising again.

Upcoming Blitzes

Assemble character shards for two famous Avengers and rack up limited-time Classified Data currency for the Web of Spies Event with these upcoming Blitzes. Emerging from the shadows first on July 5th is the Widow's Bite Blitz, where you can bite into enemies for Black Widow character shards. And then coming out of the quiver next on July 8th is the Sharpshooter Blitz. Take aim at enemy teams in exchange for earning tons of Hawkeye shards.

Bonus & Flash Events

Fill up on energy, Guardians, Ravagers, Mercs, and Gold with the upcoming Bonus and Flash Events. For Bonus Events, filter your roster by the trait for a list of eligible characters and their Campaign nodes.

On July 3rd, Energy Overload heads your way again, where you'll receive 240 Campaign Energy (not including Iso-8) instead of the normal 120 when refreshing Campaign Energy. Take advantage of this increased energy for the Web of Spies Event.

Create fireworks on July 4th with Going Knowhere, which helps you prepare for the upcoming Star-Lord Legendary Event with double shard rewards in Campaign nodes for Guardians and Ravagers.

And then on July 9th, it's time to put mining hats on your mercs for the Payday Event. Send your top Mercenary team into battle for your monthly score of Gold. Prep for this big dig on July 8th with the Merc Mayhem Bonus Event, which rewards 2x character shards for Mercenary characters.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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