The White Queen
July 17, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Diamonds are everyone’s best friend this week with the introduction of a Mutant that’ll leave enemies crumbling like cubic zirconia. We’ve also got a hot chance to dig up Promotion Credits and events featuring some of the best that Homo superior has to offer, including a magnetic legendary character’s return and Blitzes that’ll tap into your animal side. Now, get your thoughts in order, because an omega-level mind manipulator has arrived...

Emma Frost

Taking her rightful place on the Mutant throne is Emma Frost, the White Queen! A gifted Mutant telepath, Emma Frost is capable of extraordinary feats of mental communication, mind control, astral projection, and psionic attacks. She can also transform her organic tissue into a diamond-like substance, where she gains increased strength and is nearly indestructible.

Harkening back to her days of performing wicked deeds for the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost joins S.T.R.I.K.E. as a Villain Controller who can slot into Mutant Villain teams, like the Marauders, to take on enemy pressure and produce sparkling results. Along with flipping enemy positive effects and clearing ally negative effects, Emma can mind control the most powerful enemies or her own allies for a heavy attack. Much like Captain Marvel’s Binary form, Emma Frost enjoys enhanced abilities while in Diamond form with increased Resistance and Armor, along with boosted power to her Basic attack. And if all that wasn’t enough, she also Heals each turn, giving her another level of sustainability.

For a breakdown of her cool abilities, check out this video (English only):

2020 Feature Roadmap Preview

We’re a little over halfway through 2020, but we’ve still got a lot of exciting updates heading your way, including new features, new missions, and improvements to existing game modes. We’ll have a full rundown of what’s ahead this year in our upcoming July 21st blog. Be on the lookout for an inbox message with a link to the juicy details.

Hot Streak

Heat up your roster by earning piles of Silver and Gold Promotion Credits with the upcoming Hot Streak Event. Don’t miss a day and dig up big rewards with:

Login Calendar - 14-day Login Calendar containing Silver and Gold Promotion Credits.

Daily Objectives (Level 50 and above) - For 7 days, Gold Promotion Credits will replace Silver Promotion Credits in the Alliance Donation Daily Objective.

Alliance Donation (Level 50 and above) - The first 3 Alliance Donation Milestones will contain Silver and Gold Promotion Credits for 7 days.

Elite Store (Level 42 and above) - Elite Store refresh cost will be capped at 100 Power Cores for 7 days.

Special Offers - Limited-time offers on Gold, Red Stars, Power Cores, and more in the Offers section.

Returning Legendary Event

Hurtling through the cosmos for a collision course with Earth is Magneto’s Legendary Event, Asteroid M. Harness your powers of attraction to assemble a top team of X-Men and Brotherhood characters for a shot at character shards for the Master of Magnetism.

Upcoming Blitzes

The Mutant mayhem continues with Blitzes you can hop into and claw your way to character shards. Lick the competition in the community-chosen Sticky Situation Blitz, where you can grab character shards for Toad, the Brotherhood’s Controller. Then unsheathe your claws for the Target X Blitz, which features character shards for X-23, X-Force’s brutal Brawler.

City Events

Big opportunities are coming for your big City Heroes. Swoop in and grab 2x character shards for City Heroes in the following Campaign nodes:

Punisher: Heroes 1-6

Luke Cage: Heroes 3-3

Night Nurse: Heroes 5-9 & Villains 3-9

Jessica Jones: Villains 2-9

Iron Fist: Nexus 1-9

Ghost Rider: Cosmic 3-9

Ms. Marvel: Mystic 2-6

Then head out for a night on the town with your top City Heroes in the Block Party Flash Event where you can earn enough Ability Materials to fill the Baxter Building (a lot).

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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