The Mutant Scientist
July 10, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

The X-Men’s genius gentle giant is leaving his lab for the battlefield, and this week we’re diving into his kit for analysis. Along with this famous furry new friend, a Mutant Protector is moving into the Arena Store, Nick Fury is clocking into work, and a chance to get your adamantium fix is coming your way. Step aboard the Blackbird, because we’re heading over to visit the Uncanny X-Men...


Wield brains and brawn on the battlefield with Beast, the X-Men’s newest member. Beast is a Mutant endowed with the incredible strength of muscle and mind. Physically, he possesses superhuman reflexes, agility, and healing, along with the strength to lift over 10 tons. Mentally, Beast is one of the most intelligent people on Earth, possessing a genius-level I.Q.

As a member of the X-Men team, Beast is a Support specialist who uses science to backstop his allies. He grants X-Men allies a litany of positive effects, applies Regeneration and heals each turn, and slams enemies hard enough to flip their positive effects. Beast also introduces a new mechanic that takes effect in Campaign and Challenge missions. Bringing a whole new meaning to stars and garters, if Beast is on a team with 3 or more X-Men allies, the first loss of a teammate in Campaigns and Challenges does not reduce the Medals awarded.

Patch up your X-Men with the Mutant Scientist:

Traits: Hero, Global, Mutant, Support, X-Men

Basic - Dignified Strikes

  • Attack primary and adjacent targets for damage and flip 1 positive effect to a negative effect.

  • This attack flips 2 positive effects to negative effects during a Counterattack or Assist.

Special - Volatile Experiment

  • Energy Cost: 3/3

  • Clear 2 negative effects for self

  • Heal the 2 most injured allies for a percent of this character's Max Health.

  • Attack all enemies for Damage.

Ultimate - Mutant Enhancement

  • Energy Cost: 4/6

  • Apply Offense Up to self and all Blaster, Brawler, and X-Men allies.

  • Apply Defense Up to self and all Protector, Controller, and X-Men allies.

  • Apply Speed Up and grant Ability Energy to self and all Support and X-Men allies.

  • Apply Regeneration to all X-Men allies.

Passive - Stars and Garters

  • If this character has 3 or more X-Men allies at the start of a battle, the first ally death does not count towards the loss of a Medal in Campaigns and Challenges.

  • On turn, apply Regeneration to the most injured ally. If that ally is an X-Men, heal them for a percent of his character's Max Health.

  • Gain Resistance. X-Men allies gain Resistance.

Arena Store Update

Moving into the Arena Store next is Blob, the Brotherhood’s immovable member. Don’t miss your chance to absorb his character shards and turn this heavyweight Protector into a crushing force on your Brotherhood of Mutants team.

Returning Legendary Event

Nick Fury, the infamous agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., is once again suiting up for his Legendary Event, Chasing Fury. Start gearing up and leveling up your top Kree team for a chance at grabbing precious Nick Fury character shards.

Upcoming Blitzes

Two characters that drive their point home with sharp objects are piercing their way into Blitz this week. Plunder character shards for the infamous space pirate, Yondu, in the Centaurian Hunter Blitz. Then unsheathe your claws and go berserk fighting for X-23 shards in the Target X Blitz. X-23 is X-Force’s newest Brawler and specializes in brutally finishing opponents. Don’t miss your first shot at adding more adamantium to your roster.

Bonus Events

Bolster your Mercenaries and Kree with this week’s Bonus events. Merc Mayhem is first up, where you can earn double character shards for Mercenaries in the following Campaign nodes:

Korath the Pursuer: Villains 5-9

Mercenary Lieutenant: Villains 3-3

Mercenary Sniper: Nexus 4-6

Bullseye: Heroes 2-6 & Villains 1-3

And then Kree for All is next to help you prep for Nick Fury’s Legendary Event with 2x Kree shards:

Kree Cyborg: Nexus 3-6 & Cosmic 2-3

Kree Noble: Cosmic 1-6

Kree Reaper: Heroes 5-6 & Cosmic 2-6

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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