Pride and Telepaths
May 28, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

Think happy thoughts this week because the Infinity Watch's powerful telepath is stopping by to give you food for thought. We've also got two big events to help celebrate Pride Month, a magnetic rotating Legendary Event, two stars heading to Blitz, and a mission for your ninjas. Now, make some noise because we're waking the dragon...


When Heather Douglas was young, she and her parents were driving through the desert when they unintentionally happened upon Thanos and his ship. The Mad Titan didn't want any witnesses, so he destroyed the Douglases' car, killing Heather's parents. Spoiler alert: her father’s body would eventually be reanimated as Drax! Heather was found by Thanos's father, Mentor, who took her to his homeworld on Titan to be raised by the monks of Shao-Lom. Through her training, Heather tapped into the latent psionic powers present within all humans, but her power soon grew to overshadow even that of her teacher’s. Heather developed her mental powers to such an intense degree that she accidentally contacted a powerful entity called the Dragon of the Moon. The dragon tried to corrupt Heather, but she drove it away and believed that she was free from its influence. Filled with pride and superiority from the victory, Heather takes the name, Moondragon. She is one of the most powerful human telepaths to ever live, capable of manipulating the minds of an entire planet, psionic energy, and inducing hallucinations. She's also a superb martial artist due to her Shao-Lom training.

Moondragon is a Support for the new Infinity Watch team and brings high health to the battlefield along with her ally-sustaining abilities. She specializes in healing her Infinity Watch allies and clearing enemy teams of their positive effects. Her Special ability, "Meditation Wave," is available on her first turn and clears the entire enemy team's positive effects, in addition to healing her allies. But her strongest Heal is with her Ultimate ability, "Telepathic Burst," which also applies Defense Down to the enemy team, setting them up for her Empowered teammate's next turn. Combine Moondragon with her Infinity Watch team for maximum effect, or slot her into any team where you're looking to clear enemy positive effects early in the match.

Bombard enemies with a psionic assault:

Traits: Hero, Cosmic, Skill, Support, Infinity Watch

Basic - Psionic Assault

  • Attack primary target for 280% damage

  • If Charged and there is more than 1 non-summoned enemy, instead, Mind Control 1 non-summoned enemy to attack the primary target. The controlled character gains +40% Damage for this attack. Then clear Charged

  • Apply Assist Now to 1 random [unannounced character] ally

Special - Meditation Wave

  • Energy Cost: 5/5

  • If primary target is a PROTECTOR with Immunity, flip Immunity on primary target and apply Immunity to all INFINITY WATCH allies

  • Clear all positive effects from all enemies

  • Attack primary target for 320% damage + apply Slow for 2 turns + reduce Speed Bar by 50%

  • Heal all allies for 30% of this character's Max Health + apply Defense Up + Deflect

  • Gain +1,000% Focus for this attack

Ultimate - Telepathic Burst

  • Energy Cost: 3/6

  • Heal all allies for 30% of this character's Max Health

  • Defense Down for 2 turns to all enemies

  • Attack all enemies for 400% damage

Passive - Psychic Discipline

  • On Spawn, if this character has 3 or more INFINITY WATCH allies, gain Charged.

  • On Kill, gain Charged

  • When this character or any INFINITY WATCH ally drops below 50% Health, apply +1 Defense Up and +1 Deflect to that ally

  • Gain +60% Focus. INFINITY WATCH allies gain +60% Focus

  • Gain +60% Resistance. INFINITY WATCH allies gain +60% Resistance

*This is for the character at max level

Pride Events

Celebrate Pride Month with big events featuring some of Marvel's most iconic LGBTQ+ characters. Don't miss your chance to recruit Moondragon and earn Iceman's cool new costume with fun events that reward you for battling with your roster.

All-New Shade of Ice

Up first is the All-New Shade of Ice Event where you can get your hands on Iceman's All-New X-Men Costume. Win or lose in Arena with any character to earn points toward a 7-day milestone that rewards Purple Flash Bits, which you can use to purchase Iceman's limited-time costume. Keep in mind that all unused Purple Flash Bits will be converted to Costume Credits shortly after the event ends at a conversion rate of 60%.

Show Your Colors

The next big Pride Event is one of the first chances to recruit Moondragon to your Infinity Watch team. Brighten your roster with Moondragon character shards and more with this limited-time event:

Unity Orb

Back again is the Unity Orb, which you'll earn via the event milestones. Open up Unity Orbs to earn Gold, gear, and select characters with the limited-time Quirky trait, with Moondragon at a higher drop rate.

Strength in Numbers Milestone

Promote peace by pulverizing your enemies in battle. Rumble in Blitz and Arena using characters with the Quirky trait to score points for a daily milestone that rewards Unity Orb Fragments, Catalyst Parts, and Gear Credits. 

Marvelous Allies Milestone

Unite with your Alliance in Raids using Quirky trait characters to earn points toward a milestone that rewards Moondragon shards, Unity Orb Fragments, and more.

Barrier Breaker Milestone

Score points by opening Unity Orbs to earn Moondragon shards and other rewards.

Bright Future Bonus Event

For a limited-time, Isotope-8 Campaign nodes will reward Unity Orb Fragments with a 100% drop rate. Keep your eyes on your inbox for a message signaling the start of this event.

Character Availability

Start preparing for the arrival of Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch with the characters on the move in June. Heading to the War Store on June 2nd is Longshot (Ravager Bruiser will be removed). Spear shards for this X-Factor gladiator before the arrival of The Infinity Watch Legendary Event. And as a reminder, Nebula is replacing Mercenary Sniper in Nexus 4-6 on June 2nd. All you Merc Sniper fans out there can still find him in the War Store rotation.

Economy Updates

In addition to the STRIKE Pass changes that went out earlier this week, enjoy better value and increased access to important resources with updates coming to the Store and one of our Challenges. Here's what's heading your way.

Purple Gear

Get more bang for your buck with reduced unit prices for purple gear in the Supplies Store. You'll get double the value for purple origin and unique gear pieces, 50% more value for Advanced Basic Catalyst Parts, and 60% more value for Catalysts for Damage, Focus, Health, Armor, and Resistance.

The unit prices for purple gear in the Raid store will also be reduced, so you'll get 60% more value for Advanced Basic Catalyst Parts, origin gear, and Catalysts for Damage, Focus, Health, Armor, and Resistance.

Orange Gear
The Main Supplies Store will now include a dedicated slot for orange unique gear pieces at player level 65 and up.

Full Gear Parts

Fully crafted gear (purchasable with Power Cores) have been removed from the Supplies Store to make room for more of the gear pieces (purchasable with Gold) you want more often.

Catalyst of Change

The Catalyst of Change Challenge will guarantee Catalysts for Armor, Damage, Focus, Health, and Resistance for all tiers.

We'll have more updates to the in-game economy in the future and we'll be monitoring these changes to make sure we're improving the experience for all players.

Repeating Legendary Event

Magneto and his Legendary Event, Asteroid M, are heading back your way as the next rotating Legendary Event. On June 7th, lead your top team of Mutants and X-Men into battle to earn character shards for the master of magnetism. Appearing prior to the event to help you prep will be the Gifted Gathering Bonus Event and an upcoming inbox with 3 shards for up to 7 of the required characters.

Upcoming Blitzes

Celebrate Pride all month long with your favorite LGBTQ+ character Blitzes. Start off June with a bang and add a Young Avenger and a new Hero for Hire with this upcoming week's Blitzes. On May 31st, make your enemy see stars in the Star Power Blitz, where you can fight your way to America Chavez character shards. Then on June 3rd, the second run of the Dragon Daughter Blitz kicks off with shards for Colleen Wing up for grabs. Don't miss your chance to start bolstering your Infinity Watch team with the Hero for Hire's sword-swinging Brawler.

Bonus & Flash Events

On May 30th, add the power of the X-Force to your roster and prep for the upcoming Doc Ock Legendary Event, where you can earn double X-Force character shards from Campaign nodes. Filter your roster by X-Force to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

On June 4th, the Catalyst of Change Event makes its return, which rewards your Hand team's hard work with tons of Catalysts. Make sure your Hand team is ready for battle on June 3rd with the "Need a Hand?" Event which rewards 2x shard payouts for Hand characters in Campaign nodes. Filter your roster by Hand to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

*All times are for 5pm PDT and are subject to change 

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