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Greetings Commanders,

Start breaking free from your regenerative cocoon (if you're in one) because you don't want to miss the Legendary reveal we've got in store for today. We've also got big updates heading to the Doom Raids, a speedster zipping to the store, a returning Legendary Event, another Hero you can hire in Blitz, and Bonus events to stir up a little chaos. Emerging from his cocoon is the subject of our first section...

Adam Warlock

When a secretive group of mad scientists on Earth known as the "Enclave" set out to create the perfect human specimen, they intended to use it as a tool for their plans of world domination. But when this being, who became known as "Adam Warlock," emerged from his creation cocoon, he sensed his creators' evil intentions and rebelled before flying off into space. Adam Warlock's creators endowed him with the ability to control Cosmic energy, which gives him superhuman strength, energy manipulation, flight, durability, and regeneration. He traversed the universe, searching for purpose until finally finding it in guarding the Infinity Stones. To aid his quest, Adam Warlock formed the Infinity Watch team, a group of warriors whose sole purpose was to protect each Infinity Stone.

Observe the power of Adam Warlock's Legendary kit in the newest episode of Strike Time. (English Only)

  • Traits: Hero, Cosmic, Mystic, Support, Infinity Watch, Legendary

  • Basic - Soul Mage Assault

    • Attack primary target for 350% damage.

    • Prolong the duration of all negative effects, excluding Ability Block and Stun, by 1.

    • Apply 2 Bleed for 2 turns to the primary target.

  • Special - Enfeebling Blast

    • Energy Cost: 5/5

    • Attack primary target for 500% damage + apply Ability Block for 2 turns.

    • Apply Ability Block to all enemy VILLAIN PROTECTORS for 2 turns.

    • Apply Disrupted to all enemy PROTECTORS for 2 turns.

    • This attack is Unavoidable.

  • Ultimate - Power Overwhelming

    • Energy Cost: 4/6

    • Apply Safeguard to self and all INFINITY WATCH allies.

    • Attack primary target for 420% damage + apply Stun.

    • Chain to 1 target within 2 spaces of the primary target for 370% damage + apply Stun.

    • This attack cannot be counterattacked.

  • Passive - Avatar of Life

    • On Spawn, apply Safeguard + Immunity to self and all INFINITY WATCH allies.

    • If Health is full at the start of a match, Revive once with 60% of this character's Max Health.

    • On Revive gain Deathproof + Regeneration + Defense Up, then clear all negative effects from self and all INFINITY WATCH allies.

    • On Turn, clear Regeneration from all enemies. If any enemy had Regeneration, apply Regeneration for 2 turns to the most injured ally.

    • When this character drops below 20% Health, gain Regeneration + Safeguard + 2 Deflect.

    • When this character or any INFINITY WATCH ally gains Deathproof, apply Safeguard to that character.

    • If this character has 4 or more INFINITY WATCH allies, lower Damage by 10% for all enemies.

    • Gain  30% Max Health. INFINITY WATCH allies gain +30% Max Health.

    • Gain +30% Armor. INFINITY WATCH allies gain +30% Armor.

The Infinity Watch

Add the explosive abilities of Adam Warlock to your roster with his upcoming Legendary Event: The Infinity Watch. Join X-Factor Investigations and Jubilee on their intergalactic search for the missing Adam Warlock.

Along with an apex team, Adam Warlock's arrival also ushers in the first Mythic Legendary Event. In addition to the required characters and star level, Mythic Legendary Events will have additional requirements, such as gear and Iso-8. The minimum requirements (Tier 5) to recruit Adam Warlock are:

- Jubilee at 5 Stars

- Four X-Factor characters at 5 stars

- Character Level 65

- Gear tier 12

- Iso-8 Class Level 3

Tier 6 of the Infinity Watch Legendary Event will have no requirements, so feel free to dive into that mission when your team is ready. The requirements pick back up at Tier 7 for X-Factor and Jubilee:

Tier 7: 6 Star, Gear Tier 13, Iso-8 Class Level 4

Tier 8: 7 Star, Gear Tier 14, Iso-8 Class Level 5

Start prepping now to recruit Adam Warlock!

Doom Raid Updates

Arriving soon after the upcoming 5.4 release will be several key updates to the Doom Raids. The "First Strike" iteration of the raids gave everyone a taste of this great Alliance challenge, and today we'll be going over what the Doom Raids will look like going forward.

The first big update is that the Doom Raids will be more thematically linked to Iso-8, as requirements to participate and as additional rewards. Characters used in the first five nodes of Doom I will now need to be equipped with at least Iso-8 Green Class Level 4 and the remaining nodes require Class Level 5. These Iso-8 Levels will serve you well during battle, so be sure to experiment with various Iso-8 combinations.

Iso-8 resources have also been added to the Doom I rewards, including the upcoming Iso-8 Blue. Reaching a completion level of at least 30% will now earn T2 Iso-8 Credits, which can be used to open the Iso-8 Blue Class Orb of your choice (similar to Gear Credits). We'll have more information about Iso-8 Blue in an upcoming blog, so be on the lookout.

Next, we'll be reducing the overall difficulty of Doom I. This Raid will still be the ultimate challenge for your Alliance, but the enemies will now provide a more focused challenge. Enemy Power Levels on the node preview will be updated to reflect the change, so you can inspect the details before entering each node.

Speaking of difficulty, the Doom I updates also include the addition of the Raid Difficulty Selector, which will have a reduced unlock requirement of completing Ultimus VII at 60%, instead of the usual 100%.


Whether you're an Alliance leader or just a dedicated Commander looking for an edge, more information is now available at your fingertips in the form of the MSF API (Application Programming Interface). The API, which is currently in beta, will grant you access to certain game data and allow you to better understand the game and strategize effectively. We also plan to further build on the feature with additional functionality in the future. Anyone interested can head to the following link for more information on how to apply for access:

MSF API Application

Character Availability

Catch a speedster and a Symbiote with these upcoming additions to the Store. Sprint to the Raid Store on May 25 so you can get your hands on character shards for the Inhuman Protector, Yo-Yo. And then on the same day you can bond with Anti-Venom shards as he will be replacing Yo-yo by having additional availability in the Premium Orb. You'll have a chance to wrap your tendrils around an even bigger pile of shards for Anti-Venom in an upcoming Blitz, so be on the lookout for that announcement.

Returning Legendary Event

It's time once again for your opportunity to arm yourself with character shards for the Sinister Six's Legendary Support. Heading your way on May 31 is Surgical S.T.R.I.K.E., featuring Doctor Octopus, where you can send your X-Force team on a mission to bring back Legendary character shards. You'll need your X-Force team at a minimum of 5 Stars for a chance to recruit Doc Ock, so be on the lookout for the Full Force Bonus Event to help bolster your X-Force team.

Upcoming Blitzes

Add a new hero and a classic Kree to your roster with the upcoming Blitzes. The Pursuer Blitz starts on May 24 where you can hunt down Korath the Pursuer shards. And then May 27, hire a cyborg for your Heroes for Hire team during Misty Knight's Bionic Detective Blitz. Don't miss your chance to arm yourself with Misty's shards and bolster your Heroes for Hire War Defense team.

Bonus & Flash Events

Landing just before Star-Lord and his "Space Ace'' Legendary Event, is Going Knowhere on May 21. Bolster your Guardians and Ravagers for this Star-Lord recruitment drive with 2x Campaign node rewards. Filter your roster by Guardian or Ravager to find all the eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Then on May 28, Chaos Theory returns to help replenish your precious promotion metals. Send your Wakandan team into battle during this Flash Event to earn tons of Silver and Gold Promotion Credits. Prepare your Wakandans for battle on May 27 with the Wakanda Forever Bonus Event, which rewards double Wakandan shards in Campaign node rewards. Filter your roster by Wakandan to see all the eligible characters and their nodes.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

Additional information:

-The next Jubilee Legendary event will be taking place before the Adam Warlock Event
-Safeguard is the new positive effect that locks all the positive effects on a character, so that they can’t be cleared or flipped. Safeguard itself can’t be copied or stolen by enemies. A character with Safeguard will hang onto their positive effects until they are used up normally no matter how powerful their opponent is.
For example: a character that has 2 turns of Defense Up and 2 turns of Safeguard will keep those Defense Up until they expire normally on his turns even when being hit by a character that could normally clear or flip them.

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