What's In Store
April 16, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

This week we're going over incoming updates meant to revamp the Arena Store, so if you've got a surplus of Arena Credits, you might want to dust them off. We've also got Blitzes from outer space and the afterlife, as well as weekly events to airdrop character shards onto your roster. Put on your hard hat and let's take a look at the renovations coming to the Store...

Arena Store Updates

Big updates are coming to the Arena Store, including a revamped orb and new character shard pricing. Here's what's heading your way on April 21:

Training Modules

You'll soon be able to purchase 20 L3 Training Modules for 500 Arena Credits, so if you're looking to rank up more characters, be sure to stop by the Arena Store.

Orb Revamp

The Kingpin's Vault Orb is scheduled to be replaced with the new Arena Orb, which contains Elite Credits, L3 Training Modules, character shards and Advanced Gear. The new orb will be available for 800 Arena Credits.

Character Availability

We’re evolving the way that new characters are introduced into the Arena Store and making older characters easier to obtain. 

When new characters are initially introduced into the Arena Store they will first be exclusive to the new Arena Orb. When another new character is added, the older character will move out of the orb and become available for direct purchase in the Supplies section. The prices for the newest characters in Supplies will be changed to 1250 Arena Credits. Characters that have been there a bit longer will still be set at 500 Arena Credits. To help newer players upgrade their rosters quickly, much older characters will have a cost of 350 Arena Credits and Minions will have their cost significantly reduced to 250 Arena Credits.

Scream will go into the new Arena Orb first and kick off the Arena Store updates. Accompanying the orb update and bypassing the new introduction system mentioned above will be Red Guardian moving into the Arena Store for purchase for 1250 Arena Credits.

We’re confident that these changes will help to keep parity between new and veteran players, while still providing suitable access to newer characters. As with any significant changes, we will be monitoring them closely to ensure that they are producing the intended results, and we look forward to reading your feedback when you’re able to get hands-on with the updates.

Raid Season Milestones

Hurtling your way soon is your next chance to earn Silver Surfer character shards: the Raid Season Milestones. Starting April 18, participate in the Doom, Ultimus, and Alpha/Beta/Gamma Raids with your Alliance to score points and hit milestones containing Silver Surfer shards. This cosmic wanderer will only be riding the raid waves for the next 15 seasons, so be sure to raid often to take advantage.

Upcoming Blitzes

Rack up shards for characters on opposite ends of the empathy spectrum during our upcoming Blitzes. Starting on April 19, soothe your roster during the Guardian Empath Blitz by clobbering enemies in exchange for Mantis shards. And if that raised your antenna, then you'll really love Queen of the Dead Blitz on April 21, where you can drag Hela character shards back to the underworld, or just to your roster; it's your choice! Just don’t tell her that you don’t know who she is… She really doesn’t like that.

Bonus Event

Phoenix's Legendary Event, "Phoenix Rising," is right around the corner, which means it's time to boost your team of Villain Mystic Controllers. Don't miss the Malicious Manipulators event where you can earn 2x character shards in the following Campaign nodes:

Hela: Villains 7-6

Loki: Mystic 3-6

Nobu: Villains 6-3

Hand Assassin: Nexus 7-6

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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