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Witch's Coven

Magic has been in the air recently and the spellbinding events continue on April 21st at 5:00PM (PDT) with the upcoming Witch's Coven Event. Go on a Darkhold witch hunt and recruit the powerful Agatha Harkness during this limited-time event that also features tons of rewards. Here's how the spell works:

Occult Hex Orb

Create your portal to the realm of rewards by earning Occult Hex Orb Fragments from the Arcane Witchery Milestone and by battling in Blitz. Open these orbs to then earn Agatha Harkness character shards, Gold, and Catalyst Parts.

Witch's Coven Milestone

Summon points toward the Witch's Coven Milestone by opening Occult Hex Orbs. This main event milestone lasts 10 days and rewards Agatha Harkness character shards, Silver and Gold Promotion Credits, Gold Orb Fragments, as well as Teal, Orange, and Purple gear.

Arcane Witchery Milestone

Spend Power Cores to earn points toward a 10-day milestone that rewards Occult Hex Orb Fragments, Dark Promotion Credits, Elite 6 Credits, and Doctor Strange shards.

Mojo's Mayhem

Don't touch that dial (does Mojo’s TV still have a dial?)! The next action and reward-packed season of Mojo's Mayhem is on the way. Starting on April 22nd at 5:00PM (PDT), duke it out in Real-Time Arena in the name of Ratings to earn tons of prizes, including Season 18's featured reward: Polaris' "X-Factor" Costume. Similar to the preceding season, you'll be able to earn enough Bits to unlock Polaris' costume when you hit Milestone 30, so don't forget to tune in. In the meantime, maybe think about donating your old dial-TV to a museum.

Elite Store

Raise victory from the dead with the power of red when Doctor Voodoo arrives in the Elite Store on April 21st at 5:00PM (PDT). Direct Red Star Promotions for this Dark Hunter Support will be available in the Elite Store at this time using Silver and Gold Promotion Credits. Keep an eye out for the opportunity to power up your Dark Hunter team!

Weekly Events

For all Bonus Events, filter your roster using the featured trait to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Alpha Raids

Start Date: April 17th at 5:00PM (PDT)

Rewards: Alpha Raid Orb featuring City Controller and City Support character shards

Bzzzz Blitz

Start Date: April 18th at 5:00PM (PDT)

Rewards: Swarm character shards

Neighborhood Watch Bonus Event

Start Date: April 20th at 5:00PM (PDT)

Rewards: 2x character shards for City Hero characters from Campaigns

Gene Genie Blitz

Start Date: April 21st at 5:00PM (PDT)

Rewards: Minn-Erva character shards

Double Time Bonus Event

Start Date: April 21st at 5:00PM (PDT)

Rewards: 2x character shards for Skill Military characters from Campaigns

Back to Bootcamp Flash Event

Start Date: April 22nd at 5:00PM (PDT)

Rewards: Training Modules

Required Characters: Skill Military

Block Party Flash Event

Start Date: April 22nd at 5:00PM (PDT)

Rewards: Ability Materials

Required Characters: City Hero

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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